Essays on Twitter

The Way Twitter Has Changed The World Of News And Media

Introduction “Twitter, initially known as twttr, is an American online news and social networking service which was started in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. It has it’s headquarter in San Francisco, California United States “(Wikipedia, 2019). It is a platform where a user can post and interact with...
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Twitter As A Social Networking Service

Introduction Websites have evolved from being simple static HTML web pages into platforms where the user is also the contributor paving the way for collective content generation and social interaction (1) (2). This is enabled by websites bringing together several key concepts like collaboration and contribution tools, web services, multi-platform support etc. The implementation of...
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Twitter: A Social Correspondence Application

Overview/Description of the Application Twitter is a social correspondence application where individuals can share short messages. These messages, known as ‘tweets, are constrained to 280 characters long (to guarantee that Twitter can be utilized on non-cell phone cell phones), and can be sent from certain electronic apparatuses, work area applications, and cell phones. Messages are...
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