Spread Of Black Death In Europe

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The Black Death it was a very dangerous disease. What would spread around the time of the 14th century. Black Death was a very dangerous plague and it caused a bacteria called Yersinia pestis and we think that the disease was transferred from the rodents that have traveled on to ships then the rodents gave the disease to humans because the bite of infected fleas would spread throughout the Europe area. The symptoms to the very dangerous plague could affect a lot of things like having a fever, fatigue, being really cold, throwing up, having headaches and it will hurt to look at any light, and you could have pain in the back or your arms and legs, having sleeplessness. It will also cause one or more of the lymph nodes to become swollen, but more often than not it is usually in the groin or might be in the armpits. The Pneumonic plague could affect the lungs over time and causes symptoms like maybe having a fever or you may be feeling weak and not have any energy, you could also have shortness of breath. Fluid could fill your lungs and you will die over time if you don’t treat it. Other symptoms may include insomnia, speech disorder, and loss of memory. And the Septicemic plague is an infection in the blood that could cause you having a fever, and internal bleeding.

In 1346, the trade carried along a deadly bubonic plague that killed about half of all the Europeans in the time span of 7 years. The Black Death also killed about 50 million people in the 14th century. The Black Death had a huge impact on the economy so bad it messed up the trade that it made all the manufacturing stop so in the meanwhile all the skilled merchants are dying by the thousands and not to even mention the customers who bought their wares. The workers wages went really high which made the landlords in desperate for people to work their land then they were forced to reduce the farmers wages and made a widespread in death to crumble the strict class divisions that they had, for centuries, which then led to some peasants owning some land by the local landlords.

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Because a lot of people didn’t quite know why the disease was after them so many individuals were thinking maybe the Black Death was a punishment for them because of their sins against Jesus, worldliness. By that logic, people thought the only reasonable way to get over the plague was to have God forgive them for their sins. Some people thought the only way to get his forgiveness would be to kill all the people that are causing the trouble. for example, they killed a lot of the Jews like a thousand in the time span of one year. Some people would deal with their problems with being scared of the Black Death and they would kill their neighbors and others dealt being scared by the Black death by staying inside and staying away from people and being quiet about the epidemic.


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