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St. Joan of Arc, the woman burned alive! Right now, you must be thinking, how can a woman from such a long time ago be an inspiration today. Well for starters, God was calling on her through three great angels, St. Michael, St. Margaret, and St. Catherine. St. Joan of Arc was being called on to face an obstacle that seemed impossible, or, almost impossible. Hence, she decided to fight in the Hundred Years War. As a woman! At that time women were not allowed to fight, much less lead a whole army, but she did it and led them to victory too. Sadly, she was captured and after a trial she was burned to death at the age of nineteen. Doesn’t that sound terrible? Nevertheless she died a hero, and because of what she did proves that she is a great role model for women and girls at any age.

As it is stated before, Joan of Arc was called on by God through St. Michael, St. Catharine, and St. Margaret. At first she was hearing voices from the angels about personal and general things. “Then one day she got a vision from them, she was told to drive the English from French territory” (“St. Joan of Arc- Angel & Saints”). After asking and asking to be in the war the king allowed her to do so. Joan dressed as a man during the war. She did so because women were not allowed to fight in a war, much less lead an army. “Joan of Arc won the battle without having to kill anyone” (“St. Joan of Arc- Angels & Saints”). Which is another reason why she is a great role model and person.

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After she won the war, Joan was captured by Anglo- Burgundian forces. Later, Joan of Arc was handed over to the English to be put on trial. After being found guilty of multiple charges, Joan was sentenced to a painful and crucial death. “She was tied to a pillar, while having a crucifix made out of twigs, with she was burned to death in 1412, just at the age of nineteen” (“St. Joan of Arc- Angels & Saints”). Joan called out the saints, that had been with her her whole life, saying how great they were. Right before Joan became unconscious she called out, “Jesus,” then died an unbearably painful death.

Finally, St. Joan of Arc is a great role model. Not only was she a strong role model for women, she was a strong role model for girls too, for women at any age and time. As a result of her fighting, winning, and leading an army to victory. Joan proved that women can lead and fight just as well as men can. “She is a shining example that proves faith in God provides extraordinary power” (Berberi). (Lanhers and Vale) also says, “she became the greatest national heroine of her compatriots, and her achievement was a decisive factor in the later awakening of French national consciousness.” All these people state how good of a person Joan was and still is today.

In the end, St. Joan of Arc died after winning the Hundred Years War under God’s guidance. Even as a young woman at the age of nineteen she did a lot in her life. A lot more than some people who have had more time on Earth to do so. In her lifetime Joan did a thing that could not be done. Fight in a war, and do such as a Woman, while not having to kill a single person during such time. Proving that women are just as good, equal, and are able to fight as well as men can. 


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