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A Health Risk is the chance or probability that something will hurt or otherwise affect your health risk factors is divided into the following groups: 1. Behavioral Health Risk, 2. Psychological Health Risk, 3. Demographic Health Risk and 4. Environmental Health Risk. 1. Behavioral Health Risks are related to the ”actions” that the person has chosen. They will be eliminated or reduced through lifestyle or behavioral choice. Examples are: smoking tobacco, drinking too much alcohol, nutritional choices, physical inactivity and not having vaccinations. 2. Psychological Health Risks are those that relate to an person’s body and biology. They may be influenced by a mixture of genetic, lifestyle and other broad factors. Examples are: being obese, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high blood glucose. 3. Demographic Health Risks are those that relate to the entire population. Examples are: age, gender, population, subgroups. 4. Environmental Health Risks cover a good range of topics like social, economic and cultural. Examples are: access to clean water and sanitation, risks within the workplace, pollution and social settings.

Personal Responsibility is a willingness to simply accept the importance of stands set for individual behavior, and to creat personal efforts to meet those standards. Healthy eating can reduce the chance of chronic diseases, like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a few sorts of cancer. Fast food is popular because the food is inexpen sive and attractive. I think that fast food should be limited for three reasons: 1. You will gain weight. Eating foods that are in calories, fat, sugar, and sodium feels rewarding within the short term but it will gain weight. 2. Depression and anxiety. Food can affect your mental health a bit like physical health. 3. Heart suffers. Fast food contributes to heart disease: sugar results to weight gain and obesity, high salt increases blood pressure level. So fast food should be limited. How food companies use Corporate Responsibility? Many companies today realize that they are responsible for the longer term of the world. They are dominant institution on the earth today. Reason for limitation for fast food is junk food, which means unhealthful food and negative health, especially obesity. Children are young individuals. They are different from their parents or adults. They are not allowed to vote, to marry, to buy alcohol, to have sex. Children have rights like responsibilities. They are: 1. participates in simple food preparation, like slicing soft foods, peeling, and spreading, 2. feeds himself independently, using fork, spoon small cup without a lid, 3. help with home repair and maintenance. Corporations make a benefit from the sale of illegal products that individuals will buy, but families should protect their children’s and community’s health. Parents and communities can help to make a safer, healthier world for the long term generations.

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Scientific Process. In the film ”Super Size Me”, Morgan Spurlock records of a 30 day period of time (Feb. 1-Mar. 2, 2003), in which he ate only McDonald’s food. He surprised as he discovers not only the determind effects of the fast food giant’s products upon himself but also the cast influence. Empirical evidence is information that is gathered through observation or experience. It is the scientific method. Spurlock hypothesis states the more McDonald’s fast food he eats throughout his experiment will lead to a negative consequence on his health using the hypothesis. The independent variable quantity is Spurlock’s change in eating habit which is exclusively. He uses the independent variable because the 30 days of eating McDonald’s. One of the variables Spurlock identities that had effects on his health was the dearth of experience since starting the experiment. He limited his walking although he claimed to walk about miles a day and limited it to walking a mile. This film is evident that individuals in todays society are easily manipulated. A standard way people do that is what propaganda. The fast food corporations just care about their business.

A Healthy Diet may help to prevent certain long run (Chronic) disease like cardiopathy, stroke or high blood pressure level and diabetes. It should also help to reduce your risk of developing some cancers and help you to keep a healthy weight. Chronic diseases are defined broadly as condition that last one year or more and need ongoing attention. High blood pressure implies that the force in consistently in the high range, or heart attack. Diabetes is a medical condition in which smoke has too much sugar in the blood. For changing aspect we would like a personal plan. One of the changing aspects is nutrition, you are what you eat, think if we eat better as we age then it help us to age better in addition. Second, for reduce diabetes should do exercises of 10 minutes, or heart diseases and some cancers. Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent or control many of the nations leading causes of health. One lifestyle change that might help me is physical activity. Improvements in self-confidence, self-image and physical ability all helped to reduce depression, all issues and promote a sense of well-being.


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