The Harry Potter Series As A Guide For Children In An Early Stage Of Ethical And Moral Development

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The Harry Potter series should not be banned because it promotes ethical development within individuals. The best literature offers children a type of ‘virtual experience’. It gives them the ability to explore ethical issues and assess the impact of different moral choices before they encounter the real world. In the book series, there is numerous amount of plots that offer events of ethical and moral choices. It shows the differentiation of how to perceive and handle a situation or problem. Hogwarts revolves around appropriate and inappropriate uses of magic. For example, In book 2, The Chamber of Secrets, we meet Voldemort as the young Tom Riddle before he obtained power, an outcast, and orphan with strange resemblances to Harry himself. In some way, we come to understand and feel sympathy for Riddle. Yet, we can recognize the cruelness and wrongness of his decisions. There are definite moral and ethical ground rules. Indeed, Harry sometimes breaks the rules, but it is not true that he does so without consequence. Helping Hagrid get rid of an illegal baby dragon, Norbert, causes Harry, Hermione, and Neville to lose 50 points each for Gryffindor, which puts them(source). Many individuals believe that harry potter promotes “ witchcraft” and teaches the idea of evil to children. even so, the series differentiates what is to be done and how it should be …… Through the fantasy of the series, it can teach coping mechanisms against “narcissistic disappointments, oedipal dilemmas” In the story, there are “bad” actions that occurred to the characters throughout the series. for example when an innocent student was asss instead during the battle between Harry and Voldermort. Harry’s godfather was wrongly accused and was in prison for “soul-destroying.” The exposure of these circumstances to children can be essential in their daily life. Now in society, children face family members being murdered, to their loved ones being wrongly accused. The use of books that can expose the “ true realistic world “ It gives the style the ability to discover the true nature of choice they will eventually encounter, without someone to give guidance.

Voldermant overmastered the desire for power, his delight in creating fear and torment, his ruthlessness in calmly sacrificing his followers to achieve his ends, and his terrifying quest for immortality, Voldemort embodies a thoroughly adult conception of evil. Yet I Harry, with a similar potential for power and suffering equally from the loss of his parents and lack of love in his childhood, made different choices, Dumbledore states, ‘It is our choices. Harry, that show what we are” Therefore the use of the Harry Potter series can guide children in an early stage of ethical and moral development.

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