The Importance Of Daily Physical Exercise

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Just as it is essential for our health to feed our body every day, it is very important to exercise daily.

A sedentary lifestyle and the problems associated with it (physical, metabolic, obesity, etc.) has become a health problem that has already alarmed Public Administrations.

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Performing physical activity daily brings a large number of benefits to our health. Scientific studies demonstrate this, from improving our physical form, going through avoiding diseases, maintaining a healthy weight (or losing weight if we are overweight ), to improving our mental health and our social life.

  • Improve our physical shape.

Daily physical exercise improves our overall fitness. Depending on the type of training or physical activity you do, we will improve in: cardiovascular health, power, strength, flexibility, coordination … With a specific work program and personalized routines, we can work and improve in all these aspects. Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Regular practice of physical exercise not only prevents the appearance of cardiovascular problems but also helps to treat risk factors for cardiovascular disease when they are already present, such as diabetes, hypertension, and lipid levels or lipid profile ( cholesterol and HDL, LDL, and triglycerides ).

  • It allows us to stay at a healthy weight or lose weight if we are overweight.

To lose weight and lose weight, a combination of diet and daily physical activity is essential. Depending on the degree of overweight or obesity, we must carry out specific training in a progressive and constant manner.

  • Decrease injuries.

Exercising daily and maintaining good physical shape allows a reduction in injuries, both in sports activities and in the activities of our daily life (making bed, bending over, imbalances …). Maintaining adequate muscle tone and good posture habits will avoid ailments and injuries. Likewise, working force and coordination will be essential to avoid injuries in our daily activities.

  • It gives us vitality and makes us be active. By exercising, endorphins, the so-called ‘ happiness hormones, ‘ are released. After physical activity, its levels increase in our body, producing a feeling of well-being and energy that helps us to better face our daily activities.
  • It protects us from other diseases.

More and more scientific studies correlate physical activity with better behavior of our immune system. From avoiding colds or colds to controlling the proliferation of cancer cells.

  • Exercising daily should be part of our routine.

Whether it is walking in a good way, doing a stationary bicycle, moving around the city on foot or by bicycle, climbing the stairs, any option is valid. There are no excuses, you have to move.

To carry out more complete activities that allow us to improve our physical form in all aspects, we must carry out other more specific training sessions, designed and directed by professionals. These can be done both in group activities and in individual personal training or in small groups.


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