Trash Depleting Our Planet: Recycling Or Fining

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The trash depleting our planet is striking. We pay for our actions so why would we not pay for the lack of them? 10% of councils in the UK make it obligatory for their tenants to recycle.

However, 75% of families in Scotland would not have to pay the tax for not doing it, as they are recycling. Some people do not, and in the future will be fined.

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Population with a small income could not afford to pay taxes for not recycling, so they could take their waste to the recycling plant and earn money in cash. Recycling also saves energy which results in a smaller discharge of the gas emissions from greenhouses, which are partly accountable for global warming.

The Earth is paying for our mistakes. Innumerable animals are dying because of our ignorance, and soon we will suffer from it too, as we are after all animals. It is proven by Plymouth University that every year the plastic pollution affects 700 marine species.

Some people don’t believe it and demand evidence that it is happening as if they wanted you to choke a seagull with a plastic bag in front of their eyes.

At present, not one person thinks of it. Paying for not recycling. General society does not think of trash, the throwaway of it, or lack of it. The only time we remark it is when it is right in front of our faces. No wonder it is the animals that are bothered while choking on debris they thought of as food because of how often they’ve seen it in their natural habitats. We poison the fauna around us and will soon become the end of ourselves too.

As it is said in an article:’’ Death by plastic waste’-written by Maizura Ismail on The Asean Post,:’’ Globally, it is estimated that over 100 million marine animals are killed each year by plastic waste. This include species mentioned above as well as fish, seals and birds.’’

In Scotland, the sharp wind that blows us further and further away from living in peace with nature is the seagulls. Although, we cannot blame them for coming forth voluntarily to steal our street food from our hands when all they are served out in the sea is plastic. As some people say by now they are ‘flying rats’ of the north-east cities.

Sometimes we realise that we are winding up an unyielding storm in nature, on the other hand, once the concept appears it is quickly and surely rubbed away by something startling on the news, or workplace gossip.

There are many cases in which people throw trash in the wrong bins, that is often because they are uneducated. Understanding of where each type of used material goes should be taught in primary school. Many people waste food by not consuming it after it is bought, and/or throwing it in the wrong waste bags/bins.

If there are people who enjoy spending their money on food they will not eat they could give it to charity. There are numerous items needed by other people and appealing to countless charities, like; furniture, food, books, clothes, toys, etc. 351 Millions of kilograms of clothes are re-sold cheaper from the UK annually.

Tackling the problem of not recycling the gardeners and farmers could profit from recycling as well, as food waste of kind would be used to manually produce fertiliser for plants. This would lessen the cost of fertilisers for farmers who could then use their fertilisers to grow more plants to then sell them in larger quantities.

The recycling of your trash is something you ought to do in current circumstances, in medieval times people have used anything they had at hand and made use of it, as many people were poor. Today there are still people like that, however, the rest of the population claims to love this world and what it gives us while using what they find in the supermarket to survive. All these resources it gives us and we use them to produce unnecessary things, that later go to waste when no one buys them.

Craft, might be the solution, use what you find in nature for your sustenance, that is what our generation bound to know from a young age, spending money on things that they will not have any use for, or throwing away what they do have, is an overlooked excess.

Another advantage of recycling is producing fewer materials and re-using them more, as it would mean lessen the cost of transport of garbage to other landfills, besides the expense of producing the materials would regress as well.

Sometimes we realise that we are winding up an unbreakable storm in nature, however, once the thought appears it is quickly and surely wiped away by something new on the news, or workplace gossip.

The winds of change are coming, which in her own, better-chosen words is something that a 16 years old girl, my age has to say out loud to the presidents and rulers of the world so that the call of nature is heard. To no surprise, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, a grown man and a successful politician and business person has called her:’’ A very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future.’’ That is, while she was protesting against the climate crisis, which is partly caused by the lack of segregation of trash, which at least should be quite simple to meet in a corrective way. No doubt, for a successful grown man.

Is sharing caring when it is sharing trash with our planet? Is not segregating the mess we make worth paying for? It is too hard to estimate how to stop corrupting the planet we live on? If so would it help to make society pay for every time they do so? I bet a grown man involved in politics has a better answer than a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl. Or am I wrong?

We have been given a hand full of winning cards, even though we have no idea how to play with them we were entrusted to take good care of them and play them the best way possible. Until we learn to take the role of the greatest card players, we will not relish the potential of the cards we were given, the essential reserves, or even fresh air and we will lose it all while playing against our fellow citizens of earth.

There is no better description of it than a sluggish and agonising apocalypse. So is it one? Can we pay for our mistakes, like we would pay a ransom before they will cause our extinction?

The sound of the clock ticking every second while the bomb is about to explode. Global warming, the swarm up of all our debt that if we bother to we can still repay. It will soon be paid for or otherwise, our bank account is about to close down as nature will have nothing to give anymore. It is a breakdown, the ending of a cycle.


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