Essays on Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night Title Justification

Historically, the list of Shakespeare’s plays which appeared in 1598 doesn’t include the Twelfth Night. It was referred to by John Manningham in 1602 so it was perhaps composed between these years. Other historical evidences suggest that it was presented to Queen Elizabeth on Twelfth Night in 1601 and her guest of honour was an...
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The Secrets Of Comedy In The Topsy Turvy World Of Twelfth Night

Have you ever felt that your everyday dose of comedy and chaoticness just couldn’t get any better and anymore chaotic? Well, I can assure you that that is the most absurd lie you have ever said in your life! The Shakespearen romantic comedy play Twelfth Night not only is upside down but they celebrate chaoticness...
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Supremacy Of The Male Characters In Shakespeare’s Plays And Representation Of Homosexuality In Twelfth Night Or What You Will

Introduction “In patriarchal societies, women have been suppressed, marginalized and ignored by the masculine thought that prevails in many areas of life. This situation was directly reflected in the theatre texts related to life and society. However, even if they were ignored, women had a language, discourse, life, culture, art and theatre in their own...
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Twelfth Night: The Theme Of Love In A Play

In the play Twelfth Night the truth is always hidden, everyone had something to hide for better of for worse. There are problems that were because of the things someone else invented or was hiding. For example, if we begin talking about what Viola did, dress as a man in order to gain entry into...
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Twelfth Night: Character Text To Text Comparison

Two characters that I find have similar traits are Viola, a.k.a. Cesario, from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” and Deryn Sharp, a.k.a. Dylan, from the book “Leviathan”. They both got into similar challenges at the start of the book, with both of them getting into an accident and having someone else have to rescue them as they...
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Gender Roles And Expectations In Twelfth Night

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a romantic comedic play that reflects and explores the social conventions and values of its context. Written during the Elizabethan era, it profoundly challenges gender roles with the cross-dressing of Viola and her aptitude in a task that had been unsuccessfully attempted by men. It also demonstrates how unreliable social status...
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Gender Roles And The Nature Of Love In Twelfth Night

Shakespeare’s ‘ Twelfth Nigh’ deliberately explores concepts of gender and love which was later adapted into a film by Andy Fickman called ‘She’s the man’. The change in form from play to film alters the way that these ideas are presented and the changing audience also impacts the transformation of the text. The different ways...
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