Absolutism And Revolution In The USA

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In the 1600s England had trading colonies in West Indies and North America as well as India and while that was going on the trade land expanded with Spanish and Dutch. Also the parliament had passed the navigation acts to help colonial traders and the manufacturers to help regulate it. As well as Brittan’s economic policies added to prosperities. Towards the 1700s a groups of settlers sailed to North American and built colonies. In 1701 the act of union hit two countries and that was the United Kingdom and great Brittan. Then they created more farmers and manufacturers and as to what happened in 1764 and 1765 the sugar act and the stamp act happened. Colonist demanded on their rights they don’t pay taxes without representation.

In March 1770, Boston soldiers set fire to a crowd that was throwing rocks or stones and snow balls at them. The Boston massacre is what colonist called it. December of 1773 the Boston tea party happened when colonist brought a cargo of tea to them. Representatives from twelve colonies gathered in Philadelphia and discussed how to respond to Brittan’s harsh moves in 1774. And that’s when George Washington and Benjamin franklin became the figures of the American enlightenment. April of 1775 a big issue between colonist and went down in flames and resulted in war. The colonist had built a new government as they had the right to do. Americans signed a declaration promising their lives and fortune to protect the United States of America. The military was weak at the time they lacked money and resources as well as a plan but the colonist still had some ideas and fought for their own independence. A war happened and at the time were dependent on loyalist and Native American groups. This all happened in the American Revolution.

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Time to move on to the French revolution in 1789 France and Europe still have an outdated system they stuck to even moving towards the middle ages and everyone in France was made up of three stages the first estate, the second estate, and the third estate. The first estate was made up of clergy, the second was made up of nobility, and finally the third estate was made of the rest of the population. The first estate provided social services such as nuns, monks, priest, hospitals, and much more. The second estate was nobility and the Nobel knights protected and defended the land Louis XIV crushed the noble’s military power but gave them different rights under royalty. Many Nobles hated absolutism and stood by royal bureaucracy.

A radical phase, on august 10, 1792, people were attacking prisons such as nobles and priest 1000 or more were deceased. In early months the republic put Louis XVI on trial for being a traitor. January 1793 Louis XVI claimed he was innocent. Then he was beheaded as well as Marie Antoinette but that was in October a bit later then Louis. The French revolution came shortly before the American Revolution I believe they were both very similar and different.

The age of napoleon started in 1799 and continued till 1850 napoleon was a hero to some and an enemy to others. He was a 20 year old lieutenant who wanted to make a name for himself he respected the republican rule and Jacobins but he had conflicting personalities and thoughts. Two years after he moved from victorious to general he had enough power to become emperor. In 1804 to 1812 napoleon was on the battle field involved in Napoleonic wars. But even more happened after that such as the industrial evolution but we can get to that another time but there was a lot of damage made in history such as wars, death, and much more.


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