Analysis Of Angelina Jolie As A Producer, Director And Film Actress

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Ethical Disclaimer

It is important to note that the things and issues that are stated in this paper are pure thought of the author. There is nothing that relates to whatever Angelina Jolie said or did at any point. The paper is the full thought of the author and is done for assignment purposes. This is not to mean that the things stated in this paper at any point are real or relates to the people being mentioned. For any case of misuse of the content of this paper, the author is not liable at any point. Instead, the paper should be taken for coursework purposes and it is not an article to be used for misinformation purposes at any point.

The content of this paper is strictly not for use for any reference purposes on whatever the people mentioned said or rather did. This paper, as stated above, is purely the thought of the author. As much as the reference is on the persons’ bibliography, the person has not been involved in any part of the writing of this paper. Therefore, the paper should be strictly used for assignment purpose and no other thing.

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This paper is going to diagnose Angelina Jolie, a producer, director and film actress. She is a common figure to all the movie lovers. Angelina has made lots of breakthroughs in the film industry through the videos that she has featured, in which, most she has been the main actress. These movies are such as Salt and Maleficent, which were great bangs in the industry. This paper is a case study and diagnosis of Angelina Jolie based on her biography. The paper is going to give a background information of Angelina Jolie based on her age, culture, gender, and history. All these are going to be looked as etiology to the subject, whom, in this case, is Angelina Jolie. There is also a look at the possible diagnosis basing on the bias, assumptions, and confounds, a comparison of two theoretical orientations and the conclusion of the whole paper.

Background information

Angelina Jolie Voight is a Forty-one (41) year old lady. She comes from Los Angeles, California in the USA. She has three nicknames which are Angie, Angie, and AJ, these are the names which she is called by her friends and acquaintances. Angelina Jolie has been in the field of acting all along since the early 1990s. She has made a good reputation in the field of acting. This is evident by the ratings that she has now. She is an Oscar-winning actress. Jolie became more famous after playing the title role in her recent movies. These include the “Lara Croft” blockbuster movies. This led to a growth of her reputation in the acting field in the whole of the world.

Angelina Jolie started to make it in the field of acting in the mid-1990s. This is when she featured in various small films like the Hackers (1995) and even the Foxfire (1996). In these movies, she made a good appearance and started to be noted. These made her get a chance to act strong roles in made-for-TV movies. These included movies such as the True Women (1997) and George Wallace (1997). This earned her a breakthrough as she won a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination. Angelina Jolie continued to increase in her being known and prominence in the field of acting raised considerably. This has led her to be one of the most expensive actors in the world at the moment.

Angelina Jolie was born in Los Anges, California. She was the daughter of Jon Voight, a famous actor who was an Oscar-Winner; her mother was Marcheline Bertrand who studied at Lee Strasberg. Angelina got her acting background from her parents. It is also believed that her stunting beauty came from her ancestry. This is the German and Solvak from her father’s side and French-Canadian, Dutch, Polish, and remote Huron from her mothers’ side.

Jolie joined the same school her mother studied in while at age twelve, the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. This led her to future in different stage productions while in the school. Later on, she took film studies at New York University, she later joined Met Theater group in Los Angeles. At 16, Angelina took a modeling career which led to her appearance in some music.

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s life was affected by various factors which led to her present condition. She has been affected by many different factors that have led to her becoming what she is at the moment. Angelina’s diabetic condition has been caused by the factors that have been souring her life ever since childhood. The aspect which is based under the socio-cultural is as discussed below.

The life of Angelina has been surrounded by difficulties especially when she was still a young girl. Angelina’s father was mainly practicing adultery while she was still a young girl. The fact that the father disturbed Angelina’s mother made her face difficulties in her childhood. This led to her being depressed all time. She was always stressed by the fact that the father was being a nuisance to the mother. This was always affecting her negatively to the extent that she started to develop some sickness which side effects of stress was caused by the father. The farther, apart from just disturbing the mother was also affecting her life negatively by not providing fully as the way it is required of a father.

The stress that Angelina faced on her childhood led her to develop diabetes. Although, at this point, the sickness was quite at a lower degree that had no serious effect on her life at any point especially when she was still growing, she was also affected by much more stress on the balancing of academics and her acting life. This led to the growth of the sickness, though it was too slow to be termed as causing any problem to her. This was much increased by her father where she started acting while the dad did not want her to take up some roles in the video. This was because he believed they were quite immoral for his daughter. Although, Jolie went against her fathers’ wish and took the roles anyway. Though, this led herb to become even depressed as she also felt the pain of disappointing the parent.

Angelina Jolie has been in three married relationships so far. It is also rumored that she is in the process of divorcing her present husband. This basically shows that the relationship and marriage thing is more of a nightmare to the renowned actress. The reason for this is because she has not been able to stay with on man as husband and wife except for the recent one whom they are about to divorce as it is rumored.

Jolie has found a lot of stress in her marriage lives. This is especially after she has become an icon in which the whole world follows up her movements and how she stays. When her love life was being exposed, she got a lot of stress from the marriages. The reason for her to quit the marriages was at least to minimize the effect of the stressful lives. This, however, still led to her diabetic conditions being adverse. This was because she still gained stress from the kind of life she was staying; the life of marriage and divorce consecutively was the main cause of stress at this level which led to the diabetic conditions.

Diagnostic information

This refers to the collection of data and using t considerably by analyzing and translating information to meanings that can be used by people on different issues or matter. A possible diagnosis for Angelina Jolie’s case is by the use of a medical doctor. This should be on the basis of the viewing of the depths of the sickness in Jolie. The doctor will have to diagnose Jolie on this matter, the depth of her sickness and even if it can be treated at this point.

According to, Rupp, Templin, & Henson, (2010), the bias of this diagnosis is that there are people who are seen not susceptible to particular illness. This may lead the doctor or medical officer doing the clinical checkup not consider Jolie on this case. Therefore, this will have to affect her negatively as the sickness may stay for long without being realized.

There is also an assumption made during the diagnostic. These assumptions are talked of clearly by Yang, (2003). When the diagnostic is done, there may be an assumption on the causes of the sickness one is suffering. This may lead to one being given the different treatment method from the one that is supposed to be really given. This may lead to the sickness being treated maybe after the diagnosis but still it continues without seizing. The reason behind this mainly is because, the main cause of the disease is not being considered, therefore, all the treatment being done are in vain as the cause is not dealt with at all.

Theoretical Orientations

The concept of development of problems and how they can be best solved by therapists is called theoretical orientation. On this case, of Angelina Jolie, we will consider two theoretical orientations which are; Cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is applicable for the case of Angelina Jolie in the sense the behavior and beliefs she has are considered. The reason maybe for her being divorced all time by the husbands may be due to her behaviors. Therefore, the therapist will try to inform her of this and ask her to change where necessary as this might help reduce the rate of divorces. Therefore, will automatically reduce her stress levels that cause her diabetes

Family therapy

This therapy may also work out for Angelina Jolie. It involves the whole family being subjected to the therapy. This may help resolve her differences with her present fiancée based on the rumors they are to divorce. This may lead stop the divorce thus reduce the stress levels she may be just about to go through. The family therapy may also bring them to good terms as husband and wife. It may also create a good relationship of Jolie and her children thus even lower down the stress levels that may be brought by family matters.


According to this diagnostic paper, the case on Angelina Jolie, it has been seen that she is suffering from diabetes. This is a sickness that was caused to her by the life she has been staying since childhood. Angelina has been funding to be someone who was affected by stress from her childhood to her present self. The stress that Angelina has been facing ever since due to her life condition caused diabetes, in addition, the paper also brings forth the diagnostic information got from the doctors who diagnose her on addition, the limitations that this diagnosis faces. There is also the consideration of the theoretical information where two were looked at in relation to this case.


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