Chinese Marriage Customs: A Brief History Of Marriage In China

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Chinese Marriage Customs:

Ever since historical times, there was a popular saying in China that the three pleasant moments in one’s life come with success in the imperial examination, marriage and the birth of a son.

A Brief History of Marriage in China

There are three stages of Chinese wedding:

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  • Before the marriage ceremony, we generally call it engagement now.
  • The wedding ceremony.
  • After the wedding ceremony.

In Chinese traditional wedding, the bridal ceremony and the engagement are important stages. And the tactics all comply with the liu li (六礼) which comes from zhou dynasty.

Proposal: Proposal is in Chinese culture and considered an important step. A marriage is taken into consideration the becoming a member of families. For this reason, the dad and mom of the bride ‘s and groom’s get concerned in their wedding ceremony making plans from very early on. Families pick out an amazing date as the betrothal day. This is a proper meeting between the mother and father of the angle bride and groom. The groom’s circle of relatives offers diverse gifts that represents fertility and prosperity in Chinese way of life, which is also known as ‘grand gift’. All presents need to are available even numbers, that means ‘desirable matters double’ in Chinese language way of life. For that reason, the two are taken into consideration officially engaged.

Chinese wedding desserts: Chinese wedding desserts after the betrothal meeting, both households will make wedding announcement to their household and pals by means of sending out “double happiness cakes’ alongside wedding ceremony invites. This is the Chinese style wedding desserts also referred to as ‘dragon & phoenix cakes’. Those are baked cake with dragon and phoenix imprint at the floor. Some styles have fillings product of lotus seed paste, red bean paste or inexperienced bean paste.

Name and Birthday Matching: As soon as the inspiration became well-known, the matchmaker go to the bride’s home to find out her name and birthday, even all the way down to the minute that she was born. The matchmaker could then take the bride and groom’s names and birthdays to a fortune teller to make certain they were a terrific match for each different. The Chinese zodiac could have nearly without a doubt been the basis for their suit, and is every now and then nevertheless used nowadays for matchmaking.

Gift Giving: As soon as their match has been confirmed, the groom’s mother and father could ship betrothal items to the female’s own family. These items might generally be objects consisting of gold, earrings, wine, tea, and ingredients with desirable symbolism. Among the gift could be a silver coin engraved with the individual. The figures of the bride would send back another coin bearing, 允 (yǔn) that means ‘agreed’. Giving wedding ceremony items turned into one of the maximum crucial ‘etiquettes’ of the six, and it became meant to show admiration toward the bride and her own family.

Chinese wedding ceremony dowry: Chinese wedding dowry the bride’s family then prepares dowry and deliver a list of the dowries to the groom’s circle of relatives. Dowry is basically composed of daily requirements for the new home, which include bedding, and eating set, etc. Inside the old Chinese culture, women begin learning needle work at younger age, and put together lots of footwear, socks, desk cloth and many others, as part of her dowry.

Wedding date: The matchmaker would return to the fortune teller to decide the date of the ceremony. The virtually marriage ceremony would possibly take area after many years of engagement. The day of the wedding could typically be beneficial to the couple’s happiness and prosperity, that is also referred to as 良辰吉日 (liáng chén jí rì).

The Wedding Ceremony: At the day of the wedding, the bride would get dressed in a red skirt and cowl her head with a red handkerchief. Red symbolizes many stuff in ancient and modern-day day Chinese together with love, honor and fertility. The groom would visit the bride’s house to acquire her, however at the manner, he could have to overcome several problematic eventualities to show he changed into worthy of seeing his bride. The bride could journey in a sedan from her family domestic to her new husband’s home and in which the ceremony would take area. Once at the residence, they could begin the bowing ritual. The groom, who might additionally be carrying red, could kowtow three instances to the heavens, his dad and mom and his new wife. There could be offerings of tea and red packets.

Baitang 拜堂(bàitáng): Baitang which is also referred to as “worship heaven and earth”, is a very essential bridal ceremony. Baitang isn’t part of the historic 3 letters and six etiquettes, but it’s very popular. After the baitang, the bride formally turns into a member of the new circle of relatives. When the bride arrives the brand new domestic and the whole thing for the wedding ceremony is prepared, it’s the time for baitang. When baitang starts, a marriage host will ask the couple to bow 3 times. The primary bow is for worship the heaven and earth. The second one bow is for appreciate the parents of the husband. The ultimate bow is for the couple to admire each different as they want to bow to each different.

After the wedding was over, there was numerous customs that had to be completed, together with the bride and groom travelling the bride’s own family to give items and display respect. This become known as 回门 (huí mén) or 归宁 (guī níng).

The bride returning her previous home after 3 days: 3 days after the wedding, the bride is predicted to go back to her family. The bride will deliver along roasted pig and gifts for the own family. Some areas require that the groom accompany her even as some failed to. Nevertheless, this is probably the closing threat the bride gets to look her mother and father. Therefore, she can convey alongside quite a few presents for the own family and she can also even stay for more than one days or even greater. As a subculture, the bride’s circle of relatives can even go back a part of the gifts to the groom’s circle of relatives as a courtesy. Some regional custom requires that the circle of relatives have to return the head and tail of the roasted pig to the groom’s own family symbolizing the good starting and end of the wedding.


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