Essays on Race and Ethnicity

My Experience of Being Mexican-American

My parents came to Dallas from Central Mexico in early 1998, where I was born a year later as the first of four children. I was raised with the mantra “acción, acción” (meaning action in English). My father would walk by the rooms in the morning and clap twice as he said, “acción, acción.” He...
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Harmonizing The Past And The Present In The Korean Series Rooftop Prince

Abstract The past, the present and the future are three relative concepts that explore the contemporaneity of existence. Despite the extensive research being done in historical studies, there has been no definite conclusion regarding the working of the world back in time. The few possible ways of making sense of the past do not provide...
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Pharmacogenetics of Depression in the Mexican-American Population

Introduction Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a severe and incapacitating disease characterized by at least one of the following referring to depressed mood or loss of interest, motivation, or pleasure [1][2]. For diagnosis, these symptoms must be accompanied by at least four of several additional symptoms related to appetite, sleep, pain, or lack of energy,...
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Effect of Remittances on Mexican Financial Inclusion: Analytical Essay

Introduction International remittances have become a particularly prominent source of development finance since the turn of the century, dwarfing official international foreign aid figures in comparison. Key literature on this issue highlights the debate surrounding its impact on financial inclusion, which itself concerns the provision of a full range of quality financial services universally that...
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PESTLE Analysis of German Automotive Industry

Introduction This study aims to examine the German Automotive industry that has faced various crucial events in the year 2018. However, the German Automotive industry aims to examine their external environment to extract out the factors that have lead the industry to encounter undesirable events. Moreover, the German Automotive industry is one of the largest...
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Gender Differences In Elder Mexican Adults and Access to Healthcare

Abstract Gender differences in health have always been an interesting topic of discussion. Women have always outlived men, but complained of more pain. Throughout many studies, we see that many females have reported more limitations in healthcare and physically diminished faster than men (Murtagh and Hubert, 2004). These differences can additionally be seen in older...

Racial Diversity and Steps in Diversity Plan: Analytical Essay

Introduction Diversity is people coming together from different religions, nationalities, accents, age, physical challenges, educational background, sexual orientation, family status, work experience, races and gender for a common organizational or community goal. This incorporates values from different people. Promoting and encouraging inclusiveness, diversity, and togetherness within an organization foster an open-minded, global institutional culture. Acknowledging...

Research Essay on German Actress and Singer Marlene Dietrich

For my German Weimar Republic Essay, I have decided to research German Actress and Singer Marlene Dietrich. I chose to study Dietrich because I was amazed by how much her career spanned and how she built up a reputation for herself that made her one of the most famous German Actresses of her generation. In...
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