Essays on Race and Ethnicity

Analysis of Psychology in South Africa in Terms of Racism and Censorship

Chabani Manganyi and South African Psychology Psychology in South Africa has a long and controversial history, especially given the country’s history of segregation and racial discrimination during the Apartheid era. The following essay intends on outlining psychology in South Africa in terms of racism, censorship, the curriculum taught in higher-educational institutions and the demography of...

Racism in British Football: Critical Analysis

1.0 Introduction Many people are influenced by racial ideologies and see themselves superior to people of other skin color, belief or religion (Coakley, 2017). They spread intolerance and hate against other ethnicities and cultural groups through various platforms. One of these platforms is sport, especially football. As football is one of the world’s most popular...
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My Experience of Being Mexican-American

My parents came to Dallas from Central Mexico in early 1998, where I was born a year later as the first of four children. I was raised with the mantra “acción, acción” (meaning action in English). My father would walk by the rooms in the morning and clap twice as he said, “acción, acción.” He...
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Harmonizing The Past And The Present In The Korean Series Rooftop Prince

Abstract The past, the present and the future are three relative concepts that explore the contemporaneity of existence. Despite the extensive research being done in historical studies, there has been no definite conclusion regarding the working of the world back in time. The few possible ways of making sense of the past do not provide...
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Pharmacogenetics of Depression in the Mexican-American Population

Introduction Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a severe and incapacitating disease characterized by at least one of the following referring to depressed mood or loss of interest, motivation, or pleasure [1][2]. For diagnosis, these symptoms must be accompanied by at least four of several additional symptoms related to appetite, sleep, pain, or lack of energy,...
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