Essays on Citizen Journalism

Journalism: Changing Technologies

Journalism: Changing Technologies  Journalism, as a profession, has enjoyed a long and stable development in most countries around the world. (Deuze and Witschge, 2017). With historians and scholars cumulatively trying to trace the very first testimony of journalistic endeavour, giving rise to journalism as a field of study, increasing audience participation and keeping up with...
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Citizen Journalism As User-generated Content And Professional Journalism In The Digital Age

Introduction: The participation of citizens in the public sphere through social media platforms, frequently described by terms such as interactivity and user-generated content (UGC). In the context of multimedia journalism, ‘Citizen journalism’ in the forms of hosted blogging, amateur (YouTuber), and even social media post (Facebook, Twitter) are testimonials of UGC that enable individuals to...
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Distrust In Journalism: Citizen Journalism

The idea that there is growing distrust in journalism is absolutely valid in today’s contemporary society. The idea of a single objective reality must be abandoned, and we must adopt instead the practice of attaining a balanced choice of sources, clear distinctions between fact and interpretation, as well as choosing neutral language over institutional language....
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