Essays on Media Industry

Nazi German Propaganda: Critical Analysis

Propaganda happens when spreading or publishing of information/news in support of a cause. While hearing this word (propaganda) it is often used in a negative sense because especially politician who spread false news to grab the attention of a people and to get their way on power or any campaign that is used to persuade...
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The Changing Face of Fashion Journalism: Analytical Essay

Fashion Journalism History Virginia Pope is the pioneer of fashion journalism. She began working for the New York Times in 1925, with her work made fashion a serious contender for newspaper coverage, destroying the idea that “fashion journalism” was an oxymoron. She began reporting on the “Paris haute couture collection” (Luther, 2019) in 1934 and...
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Power Of The Media In The Truman Show

Peter Weir’s movie “The Truman Show” follows a man named Truman Burbank who lives in a “world” that revolves entirely around himself. Everything known to him including is not real and all the people he thinks he is friends with are merely paid Hollywood actors. Everything that occurs in his life is put on display...

Fake News And Its Impact On The American Society

Introduction The media is charged with the responsibility of ensuring it informs, educates as well as entertains members of the public (Attar, 111). However, the media is also responsible for doing the above things in a manner that is honest and credible. This means that all the news stories relayed through the media should be...
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Fake News And Increasing Of Their Popularity

Fake news are false stories with untrue or fake information which are spread on the internet, or using other media, in order to mislead people with lies or incomplete stories. Some people might call this false news, propaganda, disinformation, yellow journalism or conspiracy theories. Fake news may be new, but actually the only new thing...
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Fake News Detection: Literature Survey

Recently there have been several works related to fake news. Through this section, we summarize some of the existing research works about Fake News Detection in the field of Machine learning/deep learning. Since most of the work has been focusing on either the text, the response an article receives, or the users who source it....
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Distrust In Journalism: Citizen Journalism

The idea that there is growing distrust in journalism is absolutely valid in today’s contemporary society. The idea of a single objective reality must be abandoned, and we must adopt instead the practice of attaining a balanced choice of sources, clear distinctions between fact and interpretation, as well as choosing neutral language over institutional language....
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Citizen Journalism As User-generated Content And Professional Journalism In The Digital Age

Introduction: The participation of citizens in the public sphere through social media platforms, frequently described by terms such as interactivity and user-generated content (UGC). In the context of multimedia journalism, ‘Citizen journalism’ in the forms of hosted blogging, amateur (YouTuber), and even social media post (Facebook, Twitter) are testimonials of UGC that enable individuals to...
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Journalism: Changing Technologies

Journalism: Changing Technologies  Journalism, as a profession, has enjoyed a long and stable development in most countries around the world. (Deuze and Witschge, 2017). With historians and scholars cumulatively trying to trace the very first testimony of journalistic endeavour, giving rise to journalism as a field of study, increasing audience participation and keeping up with...
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