Essays on Consumerism

Consumerism And The Three Effects

According to Scott (2017), “Consumerism can be defined as an economic and social ideology and order that encourages consumption or acquisition of goods/services in a never-ending cycle (par. 1). Because we live in a capitalist country, consumerism is increasing significantly in which it can potentially harm customers over the years. Consumerism lies in business companies...
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Consumerism And The Value People Associate With Objects

The society I reside in has no doubt impacted my work. It’s trends, what’s fashionable, what people want now at this moment. Sometimes when I’m not caught up in it myself, I stop and question myself…why? Why do we value such material objects? Using both sculpture and relational aesthetics as investigative tools, what influence does...
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The Idea And Concept Of Consumerism

The term consumerism refers to anything connected with the predominant ideas in our modern society that in order to be happier, better, and more successful people we have to do more stuff. Consumerism has replaced God in life of people (society) instead of inspiring for love and peace, we wish for products which has resulted...
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America As A Nation Defined By Consumerism

America is a nation defined by consumerism. Today, purchasing goods that are considered “wants” as opposed to “needs” is largely how wealth and social status are represented. This was not always the case in America. Following World War 1, America and the world alike, experienced an extreme economic downturn. This period in history is known...
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Consumerism and the Environmental Movement: Is Social Responsibility a Cultural Trend

The rise of the environmental topics and the promotion of the ‘social responsibility’ objective have been followed by public institutions and the media with a renewed interest in the sphere of consumption. Increasingly perceptible in the 1990s, this interest has continued since, whereby the credibility of mainstream consumption activities is now being questioned by various...
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