Essays on Cultural Competence

Intercultural Competence

“Intercultural competence is defined as the ability to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to both visible behavior and communication that are effective and appropriate in intercultural interactions” (Deardorff, 2006). This is a skill that one should develop early on in life because it is important in everyday life as well as the year...
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Social And Emotional Competence

Family is a basic unit in the society, that traditionally consists of two parents of the opposite sex rearing their children. Though this is still a reality in the current era, there are a variety of families that are seen. Some of the varieties that are currently seen are a single individual as the parent...
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Introduction To Cultural Competence

Historical Factors and Indigenous Health In the first half of the 20th Century the Australian government promoted the idea of a single, superior, white cultural society. The belief, that Indigenous Australians would eventually die out due to inferiority, weak genetic make-up and lack of intelligence. There was still the problem of “half-caste” children (now considered...
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The Need For Cultural Competence In Cross-cultural Communication

In modern society, corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations are working in an environment where cultural understanding is crucial. As leaders, it is important to understand and develop the skills and insight needed to manage differences amongst cultures, especially in situations involving global teams or in training expatriate workers. Today’s global leaders often find themselves needing...
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Intercultural Competence: Environmental Scan Analysis

The need for people, and especially professionals, to understand cultures other than theirs has increased with rising globalization. Organizations looking to expand in new markets are looking for people with experience of working in a foreign culture. People with intercultural competency skills can function smoothly across different cultures, make decisions that are in line with...
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