Deforestation As A Polarizing Issue: Causes And Solutions

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Everyone breathing and alive is using one or more products made from deforestation. Even though one might feel guilty about cutting a tree for their convenience, they really don’t have a choice. That makes Deforestation a polarizing issue. However, federal legislation could help us minimize the negative effects deforestation has on the environment. While also addressing concerns of the people who depend on deforestation for their livelihood.

Deforestation is a need and is growing rapidly as the world population is increasing exponentially. As the population increases, more land needs to be cleared for housing needs as well as for commercial purposes for example, constructing factories, industries and it’s also used for agriculture purposes. In other words, currently we need deforestation to survive.

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Despite these needs, deforestation is also seen as a problem. Deforestation is leading us towards an unhealthy environment because we now have fewer trees to absorb carbon dioxide, a by-product of human breathing. Deforestation is also a major cause of poor ozone layer, which saves us from harmful rays coming from the sun and also causes global warming. As more and more forests are cleared, we also lose one of the most prominent sources of food, plants in general. Deforestation also causes the chances of flooding because if there are fewer trees it will not stop the flow of water. Overall, this shows that we also currently need our forests and trees to stay with us. People can’t live without deforestation because it provides them with very important resources but how will they get those important resources when there are very fewer trees left.

The solution to address this issue is to find a compromise between the people who worry about the environment and people who worry about lifestyle or economic issues. For environmentally friendly people, federal legislation should set the rules on the construction industry. The construction industry should only be able to cut a limited number of trees set by the government. If they do go over the limit, then they will have to plant the same number of trees back. That way, the people who are worried about deforestation can be happy that the government is helping them plant more trees and saving the environment.

On the other hand, there are people who care but they have no other choice than to cut down trees because they need the resources for them. They can cut trees for their purposes, but they should plant as many trees as they cut. This will save the environment and get the resources they need from trees. Another concern for the government could be the price to plant a tree, but according to tree sisters, the price of planting a tree varies from 10 cents to 20 dollars. Therefore, it is not that expensive to plant a tree and it should never be too much when it comes to saving the environment.

The actions of both sides are important for human beings in some shape or form. Deforestation is a polarizing issue, so the government needs to accomplish the objective for both sides while finding the middle of the argument. If the government uses this solution, the people will be able to get the resources and save the environment at the same time.


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