Dell As A Multinational Computer Technology Company

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Dell is a multinational computer technology company placed in Round Rock, Texas US that grows, sells, maintenances, and supports computers, associated products and services, the company also known for its revolutions in source chain management and electrical trade, it was named after its founder Michael Dell. The company is one of the major technological organizations in the world and in the Egyptian market, hiring more than 165,000 people in the U.S. and across the globe, Dell was founded in 1984, when Michael Dell generated Dell Computer Corporation, which at the time did commerce as PC’s Limited. In 1985 the company created its first own designed computer the ‘’Turbo PC ’’, which sold for $790, PC’s Limited promoted its systems in countrywide computer magazines for sale. The company received more than $73M in its first year of the process, in 2009 the company conquered the market for IT services. Dell has since made extra achievements in storage and networking systems, with the purpose of growing their company from present computers only to supplying complete solutions for enterprise consumers.

Michael Saul Dell the CEO of Dell, which is born on February 23, 1965. is an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He is ranked 27th richest in the world by Forbes, with a net worth of $27.2 billion as of April 2020, the company is operating in more than 180 countries, dell showed practicality of mixing balancing mindsets, dell hires generally local managers to run its international processes in the belief that they contribute extreme polycentric benefits ,still Dell supplements these people with a long-term expatriates from the US ,Who have showed a geocentric attitude, dell also has standing teams of specialized executives with intentionally ethnocentric outlooks, dell went global by Strategic Alliance through the corporation between the company and other foreign companies in developing production facilities , for example the the Microsoft and Dell global alliance which had one goal – to simplify IT for customers.this mutual solutions incorporate to make best software, hardware and services , also the Dell and SAP alliance that went to deliver high performing enterprise solutions, including difficult analytics.

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Since 2007, Dell has been increasingly performing a strategic growth plan designed to diversify their company outside traditional computer commerce. This plan has resulted in the gaining of at least 25 smaller companies which involved mainly as providers of software, storage and other tech services—trades that Dell can grow speedily by raising the larger company’s global footprint

The SWOT analysis includes Strengths (Brand name valued at $7,5 billion and unique customization options) Weaknesses (Poor customer services and Low spending on research and development) Opportunities(.Develop services and enterprise solutions businesses

And more diversity) Threats (. A declining laptop market and Saturation in the industry)

Dell works via multi-cultural teams At Dell, diversity is crucial to the company’s achievement. Identifying individuals for their comparisons and differences, as they vary skill sets, cultural backgrounds, and communication. Diversity initiatives helped DELL Company to tap additional talent, recall employees, reinforce relationships, improve their operating results, and further their worldwide residency efforts in many.

Value-chain analysis is a systematic agenda that assists in recognizing commercial activities that can create worth and competitive gain to the business. so managers essentially deal with many difficulties in handling the value chain. The main obstacles of having an effective functioning value chain management process include the following:

  1. Structural barriers
  2. Cultural attitudes
  3. Public
  4. Required Abilities.

Organizational culture: the common standards, values, and societies effect the way organizational memberships’ performance and separate the organization from other organizations, First, the company did not use media agents or storefronts to trade the products. The company instead used an internet website which customers can order an online product

Second, Dell required parts and modules in stock to generate a wide variety of user-specific structures with little lead time when designing computers to order.

Third, Due to the rapid completion of orders, Dell has outstanding industrial and logistics capabilities supported by an data system that allows it to replace inventory information..

In conclusion, Dell company is very successful in the worldwide markets as a consequence of their straight sell business. Dell breaks its opponents in quality and international position.. It displays that the company have the position to be one of the top computer shop. The competitive advantage of providing low-cost products has given dell the opportunity to continue in the market over years. Moreover, They can produce diverse computer to sell to different levels of customers, the company continued to improve and change new computers and their organizational culture. 


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