Donating An Organ After Death As Mandatory

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 Has anyone ever thought of donating your organ after death? Um, do you know that from the statistics estimated by ‘’ more than 113,000 people are waiting for the organs from you, and on a daily basis, about 20 people die from waiting for organ transplantation.

Imagine if you can save those lives even though you already die, do you feel any vulnerable to yourself that can save lives for others? by making their family happy, make people smile, feeling appreciate and thankful for your decision.

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First of all, why do we have to bury those valuables treasure under the ground or burn them (in the religious matter) in sprite the fact that we can use it to create benefits? Would it be weird if I suddenly buried all the money I had in the ground or burned it? Yes, you all going to say that I was stupid and desperate to bury those precious things. So why? why then when we die we just either bury or destroy our bodies. Have you ever thought about this? Why did you bury those precious things?

Secondly, it is not meant to be that ‘cruel’ that everyone is forced to donate their body as if it should be legally enforced, what I meant is that after death, your bodies will automatically consider donating. In order to meet the organ transplantation needs, but wait! don’t get astounded yet, the government’s legislation is not that excruciating. In cases, the deceased had registered in advance clearly not demanding to donate the body or even if they occur in a sudden accident, regardless of registration we must first obtain the consent of the deceased’s family for the purpose of making a donation.

Subsequently, in statistical terms, if the legislation mentioned is applied it could result in a dramatic increase in the rate of people lives in regard to patients which had been a wait for organ donation.

Nevertheless, stating in a religious term, some believe that by donating the organ could result in disability in the next life, and they tend to against such donations, as the opposition is related to afterlife belief which the body must remain in a perfect condition because the soul still resides in the body. But to that extent, in realistically every religion teaches us to be a good person. Organ donating considered the endmost treasured present everyone can give as it can be used to save the lives of others. Giving this precious gift is more precious than we could waste our time in deciding how to get rid of our body when we die.

To conclude, this is the reason why I support organ donation, I hope you all acknowledge this. Even though in the end you still decide not the donate but I’m glad at least I can raise awareness to the world. In the end, I will be referred to you to this quote, ‘organ donation is not a tragedy but it can be a beautiful light in the midst of one……..’


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