Importance Of Blood and Organ Donation

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Millions of people suffer from medical emergencies or are diagnosed with diseases that often result in the need for blood and/or organ transfusions. During different medical procedures, a patient may lose large amounts of blood, a fluid composed of plasma and formed elements to transport nutrients, waste, and other substances throughout the body. There is no substitute for human blood which is why when there is a shortage of it, the blood must come from a healthy donor.

Blood donations are extremely significant to today’s medical care, as it is in constant need for a steady supply of blood. Studies show that about one in seven people admitted to a hospital will need a blood transfusion. Hospitals and other medical facilities encourage blood donation because a single pint of blood contains a variety of nutrients and may save up to three lives. Organ transfusions may also be needed when a person’s organ fails due to illness or injury. Organ donation contains surgically removing a healthy organ or tissue from the donor and placing it into another person, known as the recipient. Organ donation is, however, a more rigorous process as opposed to a blood donation.

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Every day in the United States approximately twenty-one people die waiting to receive an organ donation while thousands go another day without their much-needed organ. This happens because unfortunately, the number of healthy blood donors is less than the number of people needing organs. Also because out of one-thousand registered potential donors, only three become actual donors. Both blood and organ donations are ways that people can help others who are in need of organs and blood. Everyone should take the time to research the topics and see if they are eligible to be donors.

Personally, I believe donating blood and especially an organ is something everyone should consider. It could impact a person’s life immensely and have a positive impact on the community. I plan to donate blood at the next school blood drive and at least once a year after that. Organ donation is something that at the moment I’d consider only if a family member or someone I knew needed an organ. Also if in the case that I die, I would be in favor of donating my organs if possible. Donating blood and/or an organ is a way of demonstrating human compassion and love for others.


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