Essays on Drama

The Classic Drama Casablanca: Critical Analysis

The classic drama, Casablanca, has been a favorite love story for decades by many. Casablanca was produced in 1942 and since then, the film has grown tremendously due to the classic storytelling and iconic acting, gaining numerous awards and nominations throughout the ages. The films popularity was due to the political climate during the time...

The Transformative Principle In Applied Drama

As Maurie Scott reports in Human Drama, ‘there is, in fact, a well-established reciprocal relationship between drama (as communication, as craft, as art and as a contributor to the processes of human development) and certain of the activities of psychology, sociology, education and, of course, the ethical, moral and conceptual considerations of philosophy.’ (Scott 1979.)...
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Family Drama The Godfather And It's Facets

Francis Ford Coppola’s film ‘The Godfather’ is an epic movie based on Mario Puzo’s novel ‘The Godfather’. It is considered a masterpiece of art and has been used as a template for developing other ‘gangster’ movies. This one film series set the pattern for later mob movies like Goodfellas and TV series like The Sopranos....

Drama In Education: Suitability Of Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre Model

Abstract Badal Sircar is a unique figure as a dramatist. He never compromised with the existing theatre models. He tried genuinely to create of his own model called ‘Third Theatre’. Dissatisfied with the proscenium style, because of its high paraphernalia and commercialisation, he crafted Third Theatre model to perform his plays. This model is absolutely...
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The Root Of English Dramatization

The root of English dramatization appears dubious. There’s no certain prove demonstrating its root. It can be followed back from century of succeeding Norman Victory to Britain. Many students of history accept that dramatization came to Britain alongside them. Dramatization is the shape of structure plan for execution within the theater, where the performing artists...
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