Breaking Bad: Analysis Of Comedy-Drama Television Series

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Breaking Bad is a popular black comedy-drama television series produced by Sony Pictures television company in the US. There are five seasons and one movie released so far; the first season was released on January 20th 2008. This television is starring by Bryan Cranston as Walter White, Anna Gunn as Skyler White, and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. Breaking Bad is a well-known TV series and is regarded as one of the greatest shows. By the time of last episode was aired, it received numerous awards which included sixteen Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, eight Satellite Awards, and two Peabody Awards.

The whole story is talking about a depressed high school chemistry teacher, who is diagnosed with late-phase lung cancer and turns to a life of crime by making and selling illegal drugs to support the medical therapy and the family’s financial future. The actor, Bryan Cranston, who took the main character, performed perfectly to show how struggle and depressed when a person is under the stress of realistic hopeless in the beginning and cannot but bow before money to become a drug dealer. The first season is describing how Walter meet Jessie and the reason they decided to make and sell the drug. Season two and season three are talking about how Walter and Jessie start their own cartel business, but more famous they are more enemies they will have. Season four and season five are showing the fights between Walter and other cartels. Walter’s secret also damaged the relation to his family; what make the things worse is that the police department start to investigate the whole crime and close to find out Water is the mastermind behind it. Although there are some lengthy scenes and some logical floss in the series, the overall pavement of the story is smooth and reasonable. Furthermore, the way of camera movement used by the director makes the film more fluent and harmonious. The beginnings of some particular episode’s even used the different storyboard and previsualization to make the ending echoes.

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In my view, Breaking Bad is an extraordinary show that qualified to become a classic or a textbook-like TV series in the history. Some people said this masterpiece is a mix of Tyler Durden, Scarface movie, Robin Hood, and enough amount of Methamphetamine. I’ll recommend this show; people should not forget there is another choice when you got bored by the soap opera and some ordinary TV series. Breaking Bad will give you another taste of drama.


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