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My Experience In Exchange Program Offered By CEIBS

It is an honor for me to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from the exchange program offered by CEIBS, which would enrich my MBA study and create new possibilities for my future entrepreneurship development. I am interested in studying in these three schools: Tuck School of Business Dartmouth College, Ross Business School and Darden School of...
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Exchange Students: Advantages Of Studying Abroad

At one point in our lives we have heard the saying, “life is all about taking risks” and often paired with that quote is “do what makes you happy,” but sometimes the things that make us happy may not be what others want us to do. At 18 years old, Katherine Maynard decided that she...
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My Experience Of Being An Exchange Student

I live in Mexico City with my mother and both of my siblings. My mother is Mexican, but her mother is Lebanese; however, her father is Mexican. My father, who is American, lives in Vermont with his brothers; along with their Lebanese father, and Mexican mother. I was raised and educated based on a combination...
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