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School Field Trip: Personal Experience

This year student’s of the Greater Miami Adventist Academy are sick and tired of going to same old Zoo Miami for field trips. We the students have decided to spice things up this year and head up north to Orlando for a restful, yet fun packed trip. Instead of walking around a stinky zoo for...
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Peculiarities Of Schooling in China

Schooling in China is driven by competition, memorization, and the fear of failing. Not to be over dramatic but these school years will determine the rest of your life. From grading, testing and everyday life, it all revolves around school. Your schooling years will either make you or break you. Grading is one huge factor...
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Student Motivation: Project Based Learning Versus Direct Instruction

Abstract This literature review looks into Project-based learning and how it plays a role into increasing student motivation versus direct instruction. The guiding question for this literature review is, how is project-based learning increasing student motivation and engagement. This literature review covers the definition of project-based learning, student motivation, the teacher perceptions, and the challenges...

Diabetes: Case Study of a 63-year-old Female

The case study discussed in this essay will assess the symptoms experienced by a 63-year-old female. The symptoms include confusion, lethargy, and pale with cool and clammy skin. Based on her past medical history of Diabetes Mellitus type 1, not eating properly, presenting symptoms and a blood sugar reading of 2.9mmol/L, it is plausible to...
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Alaska Airlines: Case Study

Introduction: Alaska airlines was started in the year 1932 as McGee airways. It is aligned with star air service in 1934 and later evolved as a biggest air service provider in Alaska which gradually became Alaska airlines. It progressed from a zonal airline to international carries. It carries around 44 million people across 118 destinations....

Co-curricular Activities: Hospitourism League – An Introduction And Need Of Non-formal Hospitality Education In India

Abstract – Indian culture prescribes an age-old philosophy of “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which portrays a dynamic of the host-guest relationship. This ancient maxims means that a guest is a manifestation of God, but the Indian global Tourism ranking at 40th position contradicts this philosophy. There are many challenges before the hospitality and tourism sector in...
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