Film Analysis Of Gung Ho: Misunderstandings Between Americans, And Japanese

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During the beginning of the film called Gung Ho there were a lot of misunderstandings between Americans, and Japanese. At the first Takahara ‘Kaz’ Kazuhiro, the plant manager did not understand Hunt Stevenson ling or way of speech but they figured out a way to make things work properly. In Japanessed their workers were given ribbons of shame as well being called lazy, and weak if their work was not done properly. Hunt Stevenson goes to Tokyo to attempt to persuade the Asiann Motors Corporation to revive the plant. The Japanese organization concurs and, upon their appearance in the U.S., they exploit the frantic work power to found many changes.

When Japan had arrived to America business, and buildings began to shut down, as well as the American workers could not receive contracts to work. Even though things were not looking right Hunt Stevenson still gave the Japanese a shot to see what they were trying to offer. Kaz has been given one last opportunity to vindicate himself by making the American plant a success. Plan on turning into the severe administrator his bosses expect, he gives Hunt a huge advancement relying on the prerequisite that the function as a contact between the Japanese administration and the American laborers, to smooth the progress and persuade the laborers to comply with the new standards. More worried about keeping his advancement than with the welfare of his kindred laborers, Hunt does all that he can to fool the American specialists into consistence, however the way of life conflict turns out to be excessively incredible and he starts to lose control of the men.

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Hunt makes an arrangement with Kaz that if the plant can deliver 15,000 vehicles in a single month, in this manner making it as profitable as the best Japanese car plant, at that point the laborers will all be given raises and occupations will be made for the staying jobless specialists in the town. Be that as it may, if the laborers fall even one vehicle short, they will get nothing. At the point when Hunt calls a get together to inform the laborers concerning the arrangement, they scoff at making such a large number of autos in so short a period. Under tension from the group, Hunt lies and says that on the off chance that they make 13,000, they will get an incomplete raise. After almost a month of working extended periods of time toward an objective of 13,000 notwithstanding Hunt’s supplications for them to focus on the full 15,000 though the truth is found and the laborers stroll off the activity.

During the 4th of July celebration the city mayor told people that the plant will most likely be shutting down again due to the work stoppage. The mayor was highly disappointed in Hunt for what he has done but one of Hunt’s workers telling the mayor it is not his fault it was us the workers’ fault. The mayor was truly mad about his own city people because they took Hunt’s word over his at the celebration gathering they were having. When the mayor left Hunt confessed that he lied about the 15,000 his workers and the people at the gathering were upset with him but it was no time for arguing and discussion he had another plan up his sleeve. The day after the 4th of July celebration Hunt went back to the factory to begin building the cars by himself but hours later on that same day he inspires his workers to come back and help him with the cars so they can work towards the goal.

Towards the end of the movie the workers and management have compromised, with the letter of agreeing to partially ease up on their requirements and pay the employees better while the workers agree to be more cooperative, such as participating in the morning calisthenics, which are now made more enjoyable with the addition of aerobics class-style American rock music.


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