Essays on Forensic Science

Possible Flaws Of Traditional Forensic Science

The criminal justice system often trusts on forensic evidence to convict or exonerate the suspect but some professionals may believe that forensic practices including bite mark, DNA and hair examination lack integrity. When forensic methods such as DNA investigation are supposed to be methodically lawful, they have error rates higher than the public are led...
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New Tendencies In Forensic Science Technology

In our modern day society, many rely on technology in many ways. A major benefit in technology found in forensic science is crime-fighting tools. Due to technology, science has also given our society many useful crime-fighting and solving mechanisms. These technological advances are so useful that they are being utilized all over the world. Whether...
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The Importance Of Forensic Science for Justice System

Blood stains, sun glasses and a charger; to the average person these items are completely unrelated but to a forensic scientist these objects can be clues to solving their next case. Forensic scientists help investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence. In recent years, forensic science has been increasing in popularity due to its glamorization by...
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