Essays on Criminology

Inequality in Education: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Abstract This research project aims to address the school-to-prison pipeline that often victimizes minority students. In schools all across the nation, minority students are criminalized hidden behind disciplinary policies and practices within the school. These practices put students in contact with law enforcement. Operation Misdirect aims to change this by misdirecting students from the school-to-prison...

Black Victims of Police Brutality: Analytical Essay

Black Victims The infamous case of Sandra Bland, who died in police custody after apparently hanging herself in her cell on the 13th July 2015 is a perfect example of police brutality that has a lot of unanswered questions. She was arrested for being truant after being pulled over for not signalling when going into...
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Positive Personality Changes As a Result of Prison Reform

The concept of prison reform has been a widely debated subject for many years, specifically the mental aspect of prison reform. Current prison environment simply doesn’t foster behavior that may lead to positive personality changes that can lead to an individual reintegrating into society, rather it encourages toxic masculinity in the environment and leads to...
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Hate Crime: The Importance Of Key Crime Statistics And Its Significance

Abstract In this paper, I’ll discuss key crime statistics in crime in our society. I’ll discuss the importance of these statistics and its significance. Certain crimes occur higher in different areas, whereas they may be lower in others. Why is there higher percentages of crime in other states, compared to others? Writing this paper will...
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Impact of Domestic Violence on Health and Wellbeing: Vulnerable People

Introduction It is estimated that, worldwide, almost one-third (30%) of all women who have been in a relationship have experienced physical and/or sexual violence inflicted by their partner (World Health Organization, 2013). The UK Office for National Statistics (2015) reports that the most common types of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) are non-sexual partner abuse...
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