Gas Vehicles Should Be Switched To Electric Vehicle: Arguments For

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Gasoline vehicles have been around for over a century now and they have been very useful as they are one of the most used transportation in the world. But these cars release what is called emission which releases gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

Global warming which is caused by car pollution is the increase in heat by greenhouse gases which helps keep the earth warm but over time it will be a problem as it will keep getting hotter and making it harder for famers’ to farm and it will also affect sea levels and natural landscapes, like antarctica which is slowly melting and there is less ice as it is getting warmer.

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Car pollution also affects people in a huge way causing health problems which can be devastating to people and they might have a risk of dying. Diesel which is a form of gas used by busses, and semi-trucks release particles of metal which affects peoples’ skin and eyes and also cause allergies, these particles can get in the lungs of people causing breathing problems. Other effects of pollution to people’s health is having higher chances of getting lung cancer and also getting some sort of heart disease like a stroke or cardiac arrest, and another problem would be asthma and are all caused from car pollution.

Gas prices is an issue in having a gasoline vehicles because a lot of cars aren’t as fuel efficient as others there is always a constant stop where people have to fuel up. Most of the petroleum used in the United states is bought from other countries, gas prices will always change and will never be at a constant price. This is the issue with having a gas vehicle because there will always be a change in price people end up wasting a lot of money is just fueling up the vehicle.

One major problem of still having gasoline vehicles is that fossil fuels will eventually run out and once that happens we will be very limited to what can be used and not used. Since oil will run out at one point there needs to be a change made which is to switch to more reliable sources of energy that know will last longer that the fossil fuels we rely on now.

The change is to start using electrical vehicles which is something that will be more reliable in the future because they don’t need gas to work. Electrical vehicles can be very useful and have many advantages since they can run on solar power and can also just battery power.

The main advantage of driving an electrical vehicle is that people will save money because they won’t need to go to a gas station to fuel up and they won’t need to worry about gas prices getting higher. With that being said electrical vehicles need to be charged which is way cheaper and to save even more money they can put a solar panel or some sort of solar installation so that the vehicle can charge at no cost which is better than having to always stop at a gas station.

Since an electrical vehicle doesn’t run on gasoline it reduces the amount of emission and pollution being released into the atmosphere which helps improve the earth keeping it with much cleaner air to breath. All of the electrical vehicles run on renewable resources which means they can run on solar,wind water and they are the battery used to power the car can be recycled which helps out the environment in a huge way.


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