Henry Viii And His Wives

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The eight king of England. The man who did the most royal scandals in the history. The most famous king of all times. This text will inform you about Henry, as well as his relation with his wives. He had a lot of wives and had fun with mostly all of them, but the question is who did he love the most?

[image: ]Henry was born in 1491. He was the king of England between 1509- 1547. He was the son of Henry VII. He was very athletic and intelligent. His interests were writing books as well as music. You have probably heard that he had many wives, he is incredibly famous for this. He had precisely 6 wives. He is also famous for the break with catholic church, that later on led to the English Reformation. Reformation means a change or an improvement. He created a much more structured form of government that would be a magnificent gift in later generations

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Divorced, beheaded, died

divorced, beheaded, survived.

This tiny poem tells you what happened to the wives of Henry VIII

Catherine of Aragon – divorced

When Henry VIII turned 18 he married his sister-in-law. They had been engaged for about 7 years. Catherine was pregnant a number of times, but only one child survived, Mary. For the king it was important to have a son, who could take over the throne for him after his death. Henry fell strongly in love with one of the women at his court and he truly wanted to marry her, but he couldn’t. Because England was then a catholic country and the pope rejected him to divorce her.

Anne Boleyn – Beheaded

He fell I love with Anne Boleyn. In 1533 she got pregnant and he married her, even though he was still married to Catherine. If he wanted to get a divorce, he had to make a break with the Catholic Church and go through a long as well as a tough process. Anne Boleyn was pregnant and gave birth to a girl, Elizabeth. Elizabeth I would soon become one of the most famous plus considerable monarchs in English history, more famous than even her father! After three years of Anne and henry`s marriage, she was put in a tower and beheaded. He wanted a new wife who could give him a son.

Jane Seymour – Died

Within 24 hours of Anne’s death, Henry married Jane Seymour. Finally, Henry got a son, Edward. The king was pleased and extremely happy. Sadly, jane did not survive after the birth and died soon after.

Anne of Cleves – Divorced

Three years after the death of Jane Seymour, Henry was set to marry yet again. He married Anne of Cleves. She was a German princess. This was an arranged marriage because the king needed the relationship of Germany and their protestants (a protestant is a member of a church community), though he hated Martin Luther. When they both met, Henry got dissatisfied, because he had only seen a painting of her. They were both unhappy and when Henry realized that he didn’t need Germany anymore, he divorced her. This shouldn`t come as a surprise, but guess what?! He desired to walk down the aisle once again!

Catherine Howard – Beheaded

Only some weeks after his divorce with Anne of Cleves, he married a very young woman. Henry was over 50 years and she was only 18. At Henry`s court there were powerful people that didn’t like her relationship with the Catholics. Many of them wanted to get rid of her. She was accused multiple times of seeing other men, this led to her getting beheaded in 1542. He was ready to marry again after she died.

Catherine Parr – survived

Catherine Parr was an independent and a well- educated woman, she was Henry’s last and sixth wife. They got married in 1543. She ran the country when Henry was fighting in France. She made sure that king’s three kids were educated. When Henry VIII got ill and died in 1547, Catherine still looked after Elizabeth (Henry`s daughter with Anne Boleyn).

Henry liked mostly all of his wives. Some more than others. In conclusion it is truly possible to believe that Henry loved Jane Seymour the most, because he gave him a son. That was his dream for many years and at the end it finally came true, He considered Jane as his one true wife.


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