Essays on I Am Legend

Topics Of Survival and Loneliness In I Am Legend

From every novel, there is a theme to be interpreted and studied to help us adapt in life and avoid previous mistakes done by other people. And in the story of “I Am Legend”, Survival and Loneliness were at the center of the story making them the main two themes presented by the author. Using...
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I Am Legend: Synopsis Of The Content

After a nuclear war a mutation stretches over the globe. It transforms every living human being into a vampire. The one human left alive struggles to figure out if the plague can be reserved. Robert Neville comes across many struggles to repel vampires and repair the damage they do, to kill his attackers and dispose...
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I Am Legend By Richard Matheson: Plot Summary

American scientist, Robert Neville, is a lone human survivor living in the ruins of New York City three years after an initially promising cancer cure turns into a virus that wipes out humanity. Faithfully sending out radio messages every day and wandering the streets for food and supplies with family dog, Samantha, Robert is desperate...
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