Essays on White Noise

DeLillo: Features Of The Characters

DeLillo’s characters cradle religious, psychological, and existential motivations, but their projects of self-realization tend to succumb to the inertness of the material shapes they take and to the claustrophobic paranoia of a closed history of things which connect only to other things. In the words of a character in Underworld, ‘Technology makes reality come true’...
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White Noise: Third Part Analysis

In the third section of White Noise by Don DeLillo, the protagonist, Jack, digs for information about his wife, Babette’s, secret medication, Dylar. As Babette reveals that “Mr. Gray let [her] use [Dylar]” after she “offered [her] body” a critical shift is seen in White Noise. In the above quotation, Babette introduces Mr. Gray, the...
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White Noise: Character Analysis

In the novel, White Noise, Don DeLillo, the author, leads us on a journey that follows the life of Jack, a chairman of Hitler Studies, and his wife Babette, who eventually shares the same fear of death as her husband. Throughout, the novel Babette makes morally ambiguous decisions that affect her family because of her...
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