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This is a very important and useful attribute when it comes to working in a team. As not everyone has this quality and can be seen performed by individuals who are self-persuaded or focused to finish a given assignment. Mostly it is seen that when working in a group only few individuals contribute to being collaborative.

While working in a group, it is necessary for each person to contribute and voice out their views and opinions. For an effective and efficient completion of the task, one must not limit themselves to their appointed obligations rather work together and help other teammates.

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This attribute helped us getting insights about our persona. As each one of us quickly posted our field research details on the post it notes. We could then examine the significant focuses relating to our concern and focus on the bits of knowledge that are pertinent to our persona. This was possible as we utilized the synergistic methodology towards looking at our observations and bits of knowledge assembled through our individual field examine work.

In our team meetings, every individual had diverse ranges of abilities that came convenient when we utilized a collaborative approach. We concentrated on ensuring that each one of us was given the task the she was best at it. We created a google sheet where each member can put their findings which can be accessible to every other member. We felt that information sharing is significant for us to work collaboratively to arrive to an optimal solution. It was incredible to see a portion of the activities taken by my team individuals to play out the errands given to them.

I believe being empathetic and collaborative go hand in hand. Both these attributes are required for successfully completing the task assigned. On one hand empathetic enables to feel what others feel when they make choices, understating the other personas state of mind on a specific day, and sentiments. It enables individual to build a good rapport among the team members. Whereas the collaborative attribute enables ones to take up responsibility and simultaneously help the ones in need in the team. Being curious is like a cherry on the cake when working in a team as one can motivate other to look out of the box and come up with astonishing solutions.

I believe the above-mentioned attributes we shown by most of our team member which enabled us to complete our design challenge successfully. However, it was a not a smooth road or I would say it was a roller coaster ride to identify the problems of our persona and build a prototype for him. There were instances where we found if difficult to come to an agreement which could impede the advancement of task, for example, instances where one teammate was not able to be empathetic with the rest of the group members, loss of enthusiasm for practicing the presentation to check the flow and the timely completion, being late for every group meeting, focusing more on personal errands.

At the initial phase of the design challenge, everybody was excited and displayed their interest and opinions during group meetings. But towards the mid of the presentation issues started arising when people could not make for the group meetings on time. It was frustrating for the ones that made it to the agreed meeting time. Originating from various cultural background and foundations we needed to demonstrate more compassion to cooperate for an effective execution of task. Anyway, we understood that for specific issues, it is critical to sit together and settle on a choice all together. Even though couple of them wished to put their contemplations first and investigate the circumstances for themselves and afterward found a way to settle any arrangement.

As per the four-sight profile, being a clarifier. I enjoyed asking question “so what” at every stage. This helped us to dig deep in our persona’s problem and come up with solutions.

As a clarifier, I tried to interpret every individual’s idea so that everyone is on the same page and there is no ambiguity about the persona and his problem. I was able to reflect on ideas and provide feasible suggestions, alternatives and the issues that arise if we consider one option over the other. Many a times it happened that we lost track as there was too much information available. I tried to maintain our focus to the problem in hand.

As a group, we faced trouble in going to an agreement after a discussion as a couple of individuals in the team felt their sentiment was more important than the others. We must be evident that we were filling in as a team and not as a person. We will take the choices which are to the greatest advantage of our challenge and that will lead us to good result. Each one of us consequently had extraordinary points of view and working style. Be that as it may, given this trouble, we needed to ensure everybody’s feeling is respected. This can be accomplished if each member is able to voice his opinion without feeling intimidated. Additionally, when we comprehend these cultural discrepancies, we should use them best to the advantage of group in accomplishing the task.

As we moved toward the end of the task, I felt that collaborative approach was very useful as we able to build up knowledge and insights through communicating effectively and exchanging our ideas and thoughts easily and think about concrete solutions with agreeing to each members thoughts and feelings.

We ensured that we had no remaining details and played out each assignment efficiently. There was one individual who was editing the last report and simultaneously another part chipping away at the pitch deck and model. For being increasingly open to thoughts, we ensured that in any event every individual read the entire report and offer their feedback for improvement. We made changes for improving our ideation part and prototyping dependent on the input from every group member. I felt that it is of utmost importance to have empathy and open and clear correspondence inside a group. This provided a sense of belonging among the group members. It is fundamental for everybody to comprehend their errands and obligations to stay away from inconvenience and cease various individuals from taking a shot at comparative task. Along these lines joint effort is interlinked with compassion, understanding the importance of working in a team, being curious while working in a group.   


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