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Violence In Korean Cinema

In this thesis I shall be examining how violence is portrayed in South Korean cinema and how it is a reflection and reaction to the current state of the country, following years of political disdain towards occupation and military dictatorship from Japan and their own military with US support. I will be exploring the use...
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Korean Convenient Food, Etiquette And Manners

Korean Convenient Food  Nowadays Korea also have come up many type of instant food, which also known as ‘Korean Ettiquette and Mannersconvenient’, frozen food where they can just put in a microwave for a few minutes and they can enjoy the meal. This type of convenient food recently can be found in most of the...
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Korean Language Planning

Over the past six centuries, the South Korean Language has undergone instances of language planning which has fundamentally shaped the language that exists today. From the creation of Hangul in the fifteenth century, to the almost forty years of colonial rule by the Japanese and then following the long-awaited language reforms which followed are all...
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Korean Alphabet As A Tool In Awakening The Korean National Identity

Tracing the emergence of Korean nationalism and the formation of national identity is integral to understanding the complexities of modern-day politics on the Korean peninsula. A pivotal contributor to the growth and formation of nationalism and national identity was the adoption of the simple Korean-specific alphabet, han’gul. For centuries, Korea lived “in the shadow of...
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Analysis Of Korean Migration

Looking at it from a national-level perspective, Kutsumi (2004), studies the formation of social organization and offers some estimates of the magnitude of Korean migration to the whole of the Philippines. Using data obtained from the Annual Report of Statistics on Immigration and Emigration Control of the South Korean Ministry of Justice in Seoul, reports...
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Korean Culture And History

In the medical field, there are many different cultures, religions, that you are going to run into that face different beliefs, backgrounds that you may not understand. One example is the Korean culture. Even though a majority of Korean people understand and speak English you also have a few of them that are visiting or...
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The Influence Of Korean Drama In Korean Language Learning

Introduction of the study 1.1 Introduction This section begins with the background of the study and the problem statement where it clarifies the reasons for the study of the influence of K-Drama in Korean Language Learning. This chapter also outlines the research objectives and research questions for the study. 1.2 Background of the Study Korean...
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What Reflects Korean Folklore

Korean folklore started a long time ago. It goes back several thousands of years. The stories are really different depending on each religion, which include Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity and more. These stories are made to entertain children and also to learn about their religion. Many of Korean folktales reflects on hopes, believes, dreams and...
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Pansori As A Relic Of Korean Tradition

Voices from the Straw Mat: Toward an Ethnography of Korean Singing by Chan E. Park is the review of the p’ansori Korean singing tradition. It not only describes p’ansori and the history of the music in the setting of the modernization of Korea but an outsider’s perspective on joining a tradition that is normally passed...
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