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Olson's The Logic Of Collective Action: Critical Analysis

In his seminal book The Logic of Collective Action, Olson establishes the ‘collective action problem’ and develops an original theory of group and organisational behaviour which traverses disciplinary lines. Olson elucidates his theory with empirical and historical studies of different organisations. Olson challenges conventional wisdom by arguing that “rational, self-interested individuals will not [voluntarily] act...
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Introduction Of The Third Truth Value In Logic

The introduction of the third truth value in logic raises some delicate questions of interpretation. In most interpretations, the third value oscillates between an ontic interpretation and an epistemic interpretation. In Lukasiewicz’s original system, ‘possible’ was taken as ‘factually unsettled’. De Finetti argues that for him propositions can only be false or true, but later...
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Logic thinking Versus Emotions And Unconscious Mind

What do you do when your heart says yes but your head says no. The heart refers to emotional decision making, a strong feeling, such as love, joy, anger, hate, or fear that helps you make a decision. While the head refers to logical decision-making, the ‘proper’ or reasonable way of thinking. But which way...
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