Essays on Branches of Philosophy

Subjective and Objective Aesthetics in Natural Environment

In ‘Aesthetics and the Value of Nature’, Janna Thompson proposed that the natural environment has many characteristics similar to most great works of art. For this reason, the natural environment has “objectively aesthetically value” same as the works of art. According to the description of Thompson, objective value refers to the value not judged by...

The Philosophy Of Personal Freedom (Based On Views Of Jean-Paul Sartre)

Freedom is defined in three ways: first, it’s the power, right to act, to speak, or to think. Second, the state of being not imprisoned or slaved. Third, it’s the unrestricted use of something. What is freedom for Sartre? Sartre’s philosophy, freedom defines as ‘to be seen with man’s finding himself’. That means that freedom...
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Political Theory And Political Philosophy: Differentiating The Terms

Political Theory Political theory is about things which exist practically in political world as ideas, theories or values, whereas, political philosophy deals with presumptions and judgements entrenched in explanatory theories. The term ‘political theory’ should be reserved for conceptual ventures which sort and systematize the content about political world for explanatory purpose and theories that...
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Personal Philosophy Of Success

Personal success is considered as the triumph that each person achieves in their daily lives. The objectives and goals only serve as motivations that depend on the interests, values and principles of each individual. The path to success depends on a series of attitudes and strategies that the individual assumes and has built through his...
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Importance Of Metaphysics And Immanuel Kant's Ideas Nowadays

“Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination.” – Immanuel Kant My philosopher of choice is Immanuel Kant. Kant was a German philosopher and thinker in the early modern period (1469 – 1527). He was born and lived at a time in the history of western Philosophy when two schools of thought, namely...
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Logic thinking Versus Emotions And Unconscious Mind

What do you do when your heart says yes but your head says no. The heart refers to emotional decision making, a strong feeling, such as love, joy, anger, hate, or fear that helps you make a decision. While the head refers to logical decision-making, the ‘proper’ or reasonable way of thinking. But which way...
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Epistemology: Three Different Methods Of Knowing

Epistemology In the book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity written by David Entwistle, epistemology is defined by the branch of psychology that deals with the grounds and nature of knowledge. This branch considers the nature, possibilities, and limitations of knowledge. (Entwistle, 2015). Epistemology is the boundary between fact and fiction. When one better sees...
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Metaphysics From Aristotle’s Viewpoint

The works of Aristotle, that survived, can be sorted into four categories. The Organon, which is a set of writings that give us a rational toolkit that can be used in any scientific or philosophical study (Shields, 2015). The next one would be his theoretical work, otherwise known as his treatises, his most famous ones...
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Introduction Of The Third Truth Value In Logic

The introduction of the third truth value in logic raises some delicate questions of interpretation. In most interpretations, the third value oscillates between an ontic interpretation and an epistemic interpretation. In Lukasiewicz’s original system, ‘possible’ was taken as ‘factually unsettled’. De Finetti argues that for him propositions can only be false or true, but later...
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The Metaphysics Of The Process By Alfred North Whitehead

The constitutive dynamism of reality The history of Western metaphysics, beyond all the specific differences of authors, periods, and different cultural contexts, has always had, from antiquity to the modern era, a common characteristic: it was mainly the study of substances. The idea, in effect, that the world is made up of entities that persist...
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