Marie Curie: Short Biography

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Marie Curie was born on November 7, 1867, she had four other siblings. Her mother died when she was only ten years old then he sister died shortly after. As a result of her being a woman she couldn’t get a higher education and she went to Flying University and started her scientific training. During her time studying she met Pierre Curie and they got closer and eventually, he proposed and at first she turned him down but he was willing to go where she went and they got married. She was awarded the Nobel Prize In Physics with her physicist and husband. She had a daughter named Iréne in 1897. Her husband and her publisher scientific papers that announced information about how if you are exposed to radium the tumor-forming cells were destroyed before healthy cells were. In December of 1904, she had her second daughter, Eve. In April 1906, her husband, Pierre Curie, was killed in a road accident. In 1911, everyone was told she was having an affair with Paul Langevin. Her daughters and she had to seek shelter from the mobs that stayed in front of her house. She was being recognized throughout the nation and was awarded the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. During World War I, she thought that soldiers would be in better condition if they could be operated on asap. She became the director of the Red Cross radiology service and set up a military radiology Centre. She was assisted by her daughter, Iréne, and a military doctor. She produced needles that contained a radioactive gas given off by radium, which sterilized infected tissue. On July 4, 1934, she died from Aplastic Anemia believed to have been a result of long-term exposure to radiation. She has been looked upon as inspiration in the scientific world. There have been three radioactive minerals named after them: sklodowskite, curite, and cuprosklodowskite. There is also a fellowship program named after her for students wanting to work in a foreign country. Many places are named after her, for example, museums, metro stations, institutes, biographies, and different locations. Without Marie Curie, people wouldn’t have been as willing to research radiology and its effects it. She also helped save many lives with her research. As a result of all her research, she impacted many lives and influenced women and men around the world to keep on going and not give up.

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