Essays on Marketing Strategy

Exploring The Meaning Of Disruptive Marketing Strategy

Abstract Disruptive marketing strategy is a new generation marketing activity which gives a huge amount of response to the organizations of various industries with respect to the sales and customer attraction. These processes take birth within a department of an organization. It is an idea which is initiated so as to facilitate the target customers...
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Advantage Of Having A Good Marketing Strategy

The heart of any business is “Marketing”. As we all know marketing is a process in which a service or a product is introduced and then promoted to any potential customers. The basis of marketing for any business is to build awareness and also contributes to the company other factors necessary for success. The elements...
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Marketing Strategy Of Kora Organics

Preface The skincare in Australia is taking a gradual shift to organic and non-chemical ingredients, owing to the increased awareness in consumers about the hazards of synthetic products. The Makeup Factory reported that the previous concept about ineffectiveness of natural compounds is now changing and preference is being given to organic options. This report is...

E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Introduction In most cases, people assume that the term eyewear is synonymous with sunglasses or corrective glasses. However, eyewear is a terminology that refers to things that are worn on the eyes (Graves, 2013). As a result, protective and corrective glasses are merely different types of eyewear. Warby Parker is a company that sells eyewear...
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