Noam Chomsky: Internet Is A Positive Step (Quote Analysis)

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The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organisation and participation in a meaningful society.

Very good words were said by Noam Chomsky in his quote. In truth, the Internet can be a very positive step on the path to education, organization and participation in society, I would say it has already become. This quote was most likely said at a time when the Internet was just in its infancy and it turned out to be prophetic. All of the above in a quote we can already observe in our time, when the Internet is widespread throughout the world. If you do not believe in the words of Noam Chomsky, I will try to convince you.

Firstly, education has become more positive. Nowadays, you can forget about boring textbooks, written according to the rules, and lessons, where the teacher, often in a monotonous voice, reads the text from the book without adding anything new, without explaining to him the knowledge that flies away immediately after passing the control. Now it is possible to use a variety of materials from the Internet, choosing material for training, which will help in an easy and entertaining way to understand the topic of training. Various materials from the Internet also help teachers to make their lessons more informative and interesting for students, but old-school teachers do not always use the Internet to improve their lessons, because they don’t figure out how to use new technologies and reluctantly contact them, which upsets a lot.

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Secondly, the organization and participation in society has become more mobile and cohesive. All thanks to media, social networks, forums, video hosting sites that disseminate information on topics of interest and enable people from different corners of the world to discuss, disseminate topics or create their own theme. Also, do not forget about applications that make it possible to communicate remotely. Thanks to them, different people can communicate wherever they want, for how long they want.

I hope I was able to show why the quotation of Noam Chomsky is true and convince unbelievers. Finally, the Internet is currently the most free place, but not the safest. I advise you to familiarize yourself with the rules of using the Internet, cheating on the Internet and download a good free protection, for example Total AV, although look here to your taste, if there is extra money for a paid one, buy a paid one, it will be better and more reliable. And yes, check the material you always read, it will not always be true and they are often not told until the end.


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