Essays on Observation

Case Study: Children’s Observation

For this project, I observed my cousins’s toddler for a weekend. The child’s name is Zariah Prather, she is two years old, I do know the child; however, since i see her only on rare occasions i could get a better observation seeing as i wouldn’t be familiar with her normal everyday behavior. I will...
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Case Study: Preschool Observation

Classroom Arrangement The classroom has wide windows, dark blue shades and its decorated with different types of art and literary work of kids. There are six different boards – parent’s board, teacher’s board, craft’s board, noticeboard and literary board. The furniture is all wooden and there are different sections in the classroom depending upon the...
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Case Study: Adolescent Observation

Olivia, Mckenzie, Jerry and Mak are 14-year old Caucasian girls that appear to be at least middle class. My observation of the girls take place at Midland Mall during a Saturday afternoon. The girls appear nice and outgoing. They said that they are students at Nimitz Junior High in Odessa, and all are in pre-AP...
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Observation: Reasons For Observing Children And Issues Before Starting

Why observe? The person needs to make detailed note and sensitive observations to really see what children make and do, to they can make sense of their actions. They want to make note to recognize their achievements and to create further learning opportunities. The important things that let each one make observe for the children...
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Childhood Anxiety: Context Of The First Observation

Context of the First Observation A boy around six or seven years of age and accompanied by who I assume is his mother, she seems to be in her mid-twenties. Observations A child goes to the jungle gym ladder and his mother follows close behind, she says something to him. He turns to her, once...
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