Essays on Profanity

Incivility: The Interaction Of Gender And Race In One-on-one Police-civilian Interactions

The proliferation of body-worn cameras (BWCs) offers a unique opportunity to study police-citizen interactions. While traditional research places emphasis on actions taken by police officers, there remains a large gap concerning the behaviors of citizens towards police officers. This is problematic given the substantial body of research documenting police work as high in emotional labor....
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The Way Language Profanity Have Affected Us

Communication is the way in which we can express ourselves to one another by the use of language. Language comes in many different forms and meanings, there are also forms of communication that can cause an insult or cursing/ swearing. Some people think that swearing is rude and disrespectful, using the same swear words can...
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Society’s Perception On The Use Of Profanity Among Authority Figures

Profanity is simply defined as a blasphemous or obscene language (Oxford Dictionary). These words are considered offensive because they seemingly show no respect to religion and are utterly considered vulgar and disrespectful (Cambridge Dictionary). Profanity includes cursing and desiring evil on someone. DeWitt (2018) elaborated that those who curse become wicked and unethical people with...
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The Effects Of Aging On Speech: Profanity

The following essay presented aims to discuss the hypothetical situation of an individual of younger age being casted to play an elderly woman. More specifically this paper aims to demonstrate the method in which said individual may use a variety of linguistic features in order to authentically portray an appropriate age identity for role they...
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Profanity In The Catcher In The Rye By J.D. Salinger

Since 1951, The Catcher In the Rye is written through J.D. Salinger has been off and at the slicing block. Although the novel has been the cause of complaint, it has additionally been the hassle of diverse forms of characters. The novel indicates the lifestyles of sixteen three hundred and sixty 5 days vintage, Holden...
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Profanity In B Side By Janis Jones

I am reviewing B Side by Janis Jones. B Side is a hard-hitting, gritty crime novel that addresses age-old prejudices and problems which continue to plague modern society. The story begins as a young woman named Casey Terranova prepares to celebrate her anniversary with her girlfriend, a police detective named Mara Bays. While Mara is...
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