Pro Choice (Abortion) As A Women’s Right

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Abortion is without a doubt one of the most controversal topics in the news today. But, should this form of pregnancy termination be as conflicting as people are making it? Step back for a second and think, “Is it fair to deny a woman the ability to make a choice for her body?” As U.S citizens, we should learn to respect each others choices in what they want in life in order to form a stronger nation. In the same manner that regulating gun control will not keep murderers from killing, making abortions illegal will not keep women from aborting their fetus if that is what they choose. While I do take a stand on making America a more accepting nation, I am not foolish enough to believe that there will always be individuals who will not conform to my norm.

It is not fair to force unwanted pregnancies upon women because of society’s standards. Pro-choice advocates belive that the woman should get to decide what happens to the fetus in utero, and to that, I agree completley. If the mother gets to decide how she takes care of the baby during all trimesters of her pregnancy, she should also be granted the right to have the option to terminate the pregnancy within the first 10 weeks. To put this in perspective, if a 17 year old girl were to get pregnant because she was not careful with her actions, would it be morally correct to coerce her into becoming a mother at such a young age? If she decides to follow through with abortion, Pro-Lifers would call her a murderer and force this poor girl to care for her unwanted child. If she kept the baby, her whole future would be jeopardized and she would be forced to face a lifetime of unwanted challenges. The conditions for infanticide, termination-at-will, ( if one prefers) rest in the matter of the human soul. In desire, wish and thought. To alter the wish in question and reassert the joy and splendor of life as given by our God, and held dear to human hearts for so long, society flinches in our world of moral latitude and blanket permissions. We’re not supposed to go around telling people what to do with their own lives, or where to seek fulfillment.

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Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures performed on women in the United States, with at least three in ten women experiencing at least one abortion by age 45. Pro-lifers argue that if state restrictive abortion laws reflect this respect and regard for human life, then one would expect such states to provide a significant range of services for the well-being of children and infants. Women should not be harassed by other people who think their opinion is more valid than the mother’s, and the woman needs to put her needs before the baby’s. It is estimated that nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended, and about four in 10 of these pregnancies are terminated by abortion.

Many states are beginning to develop harsher abortion laws as time goes on. “Bills harshly restricting abortion access have passed in Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Georgia, and been introduced in Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.” (Thomhave 2019) In mid-May, Alabama passed a near-total ban on abortion, with zero exceptions for even rape and incest, followed shortly after by an equally restrictive ban passed in Missouri. Though abortion policies are made on the state level, their consequences play out locally. Geography can play a huge role in determining how difficult an abortion can be to access, and only few know this better than abortion advocates in the South, where the introductions of heartbeat bills are spreading like wildfire.

Abortion has deep political roots for rather obvious reasons; liberals are essentially in favor of pro-choice beliefs, and conservatives are more in favor of pro-life ideas. Nonetheless, there are tremendous implications from both parties to attract their opposition voters through abortion debate. Liberals are characterized by the belief that freedom should be exercised by the individual; whereas, conservatives believe freedom should be exercised by institutions, such as communities, churches, businesses, and families.

Abortion should stay legal because nobody should have a say in what a woman chooses to do with her body. An abortion is the most responsible choice a woman can make if she can not care for her child, because it’s better than a poor kid living his or her early life in foster care and living with the pain that they don’t have their mother. Abortion “Wars” will forever continue because there will always be a mother somewhere that can’t or won’t want to raise her child or go through with giving birth. This country is founded on freedom, and all women should have the right to choose what’s right for them.


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