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In a country where there is government assistance, why is it necessary for religious charities to assist poor people?

Religious charities assist with people that may not fit under certain “criteria” that the government will provide assistance too. Although the government provides assistance for the country (for instance community shelters/housing and bulk billing centres etc), there are people who require other needs and help, This is where charities come in to help the people that are not getting the help they deserve.

In detail explain the Catholic Social Teachings on charity.

The Catholic Social teaching focus on the key factors of human dignity and the common good in society. Regardless of religion or belief, the CST believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and have sufficient access to help. have The four main focuses of teachings are economic, political, personal and spiritual.

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Key focuses/beliefs


Solidarity is not only taught in the Catholic social teachings, but also in the bible and in communities. Weather of religion, race, belief or indifferences Catholics are called to help everyone and reach out to those in hardship. Caritas reaches out to people in some of the most marginalized areas to help a lending hand.

Economic Justice

Economic justice consists of having the means of being able to provide for families and communities, Although this aspect is related to money, the catholic church talks about the providing for communities, not just an individual. As a community CTS encourages everyone capable to get involved in economic growth and helping people find jobs/teaching them.


This teaching refers to the respect of each individual. Giving people the encouragement and voice to control/change their environments and future. The teachings also refer to helping people to learn and become more aware of their own needs.


The catholic church believes that everyone religious or not should help people that are less off. As a catholic community it is our right to support people struggling and to show respect.

1. Examine a Catholic charitable activity in detail.

St vincent de paul- a catholic charitable.

a. Name the charity and/or organisation that you research and explain their role.

The charity I’m researching is st vincent de paul, St Vincent’s charity focusing on assisting people who “are forced onto the margins of society”. St vincent clothe, feed, gie shelter and assist anyone needing help. The Catholic charity advocates on several pressing social justice issues such as homelessness, poverty and asylum seekers. St vincent social workers are all volunteers and donate their time to helping others, with one goal to help others in need.

Background- St Vincent de paul Catholic charity was founded in Australia by Charles O’neil between the years of 1859 and 1863, Although the first founder of the charity was Frederic Ozanam, Mr O’neill took it upon himself to make the charity available to people in Australia.

b. Why is their work important in today’s society?

St Vincent de paul is one of the biggest Charities in australia and provides assistance to anyone struggling. Providing care to the most vulnerable places, having international organisation operating in 153 countries and has over 800,000 members worldwide. In Australia alone the organisation help over 1.8 million people annually. There charity helps many people stand back on there feet including: Helping people find housing and helping the homeless, supporting refugees and migrants, Health Matters, Idiginous australians, Children and Education, Research of energy and environmental impacts and International impacts. Without their works 1.8 million plus people would not have been provided with care or help that they deserve.

c. How do their activities link to Catholic Social Justice and Mercy Values?

St vincents provide care and help to people in need, weather of believe, background or indifferences the Charitee will give a lending hand. The main aspects of the Mercy values economic, political, personal and spiritual are all included in there values and they all strive to treat everyone with dignity, reflecting on the mercy values. Vincentians aspire to be like jesus christ and seek to be compassionate, kind and deeply relevant to those they help.

d. Reflect and explain how you can get involved in your local area or in the organisation in general.

There are several ways that people can get involved with this organisation, many ways are very simple, like going to church and donating to a charity box.:

Become a member of the charitie. Joining as a member of the local community and work together in groups known as ‘Conferences’ that are usually attached to; parishes, schools, universities, social groups, workplaces, or groups of individuals from the local area.

Become a volunteer, and help raise money for people struggling, Volunteering roles including, food runs, collecting clothes and materials, working in the community opp-shops.

Donate clothes and unused suitable items to the opp-shop so money can be raised for people in need.

Research one interfaith organisation or initiative from the list on page 103 of the textbook and answer the following questions.

Interfaith Centre Melbourne

a. What does the organisation or initiative offer and what purpose does it serve?

Founded by Helen Summers, this organization is a full time centre for people with diverse religions and to help people become more educated. Helen established the Centre as an educational and cultural non-profit organization in 2003. Programs at the centre included Work of the United Nations, Ceremonies for World Peace, seminars, forums, prayer and meditation events, visual art exhibitions, and the sacred arts. The purpose of the organisation is to break the barriers of particular indifference on the world and help people understand each other better.

b. Who is its targeted audience (i.e. who are they trying to help?)

This organization helps and aims to teach people who come from diverse regions and religions. The interfaith Centre helps Educate and hold cultural programs and events for people of diverse religions. Some regions of religion have believe it isn’t necessary for people to understand each other and overcome misunderstandings, the interfaith centre help people overcome these struggles..

c. What has it achieved according to those who organise and participate in it?

The interfaith Centre helps people The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne has been designed and produced programs, lectures and education in the arts and education, and interspiritual ceremonies to build bridges break certain language barries, to everyone understand and respect between peoples of diverse religious and spiritual traditions and no faith.

d. In your opinion should such organisations have government support? Why/why not?

Yes, I believe that organisations such as the Interfaith Centre should have government support. If we can stop people from going into poverty then i think that we should support every institution/organisation that is trying to help people. This organization such as the interfaith Centre helps people overcome language barriers and provides people with the confidence to help others and have the potential to get a job and fit in with society. Organosations should be supported as they keep australia alive help people fit into society.


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