Essays on Scopes Trial

The Scopes Trial: The Barrier For Teaching Evolution Theory

One small town. Two beliefs. Three people. This was the Scopes Trial. The year was 1925. John Butler gave the idea of a law that prohibits the teaching of evolution- that man is rooted from monkey, an original theory from Charles Darwin. The state, with the help of governor Austin Peay, made this education barrier....
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Scopes Trial In The Movie Inherit The Wind

After watching the movie “ Inherit the Wind” I think that it was the right thing to prosecute Mr Cates or any teacher for teaching evolution at that time. In that day and age the law specifically stated that schools were only legally allowed to teach from the bible in regards to how humans were...
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The Scopes Trial In The Reactionary Twenties

Reactionary conservation and immigrant restriction was a time period of many different movements such as the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921, which put a restriction on the number of Europeans that we’re able to immigrate into the United States to 3 percent. Three years later after numerous complaints about there being too many eastern and...
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