Essays on Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall Experience

1. Introduction Shopping is an intriguing activity that customers undertake every day in retail shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, and other open markets. It should be noted that customer experience can negatively or positively impact the business since it determines whether the customer will return. Shopping mall experience, just like other businesses, takes into consideration the...
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Case Study: K11 Art Mall

Case Study 2: K11 Art Mall Background Name: K11 Art Mall Location: Shanghai, China Category: Commercial Building/Shopping Mall Architects: Kokai Studios Local Architects Tong Ji Architecture Design Research Institute Area: 35,500 m2 Project Completed: 2013 LEED Consultant: ARUP Landscape Design: Hassell Façade Consultant: KWP & SEELE Water Feature: Harmonic Environments Inc. MEP Consultants: AECOM Client:...
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Impact Of Below-the-line Promotional Activities On Consumer's Buying Behaviour At Shopping Malls In Pune City

Impact Of Below-the-line Promotional Activities On Consumer’s Buying Behaviour At Shopping Malls In Pune City Abstract: Shopping Malls have been one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world for the last decade; to stay competitive, mall retailers use effective sales promotions tools and that become an important technique for marketers to stimulate client...
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