Technology In Education Replacing Teachers

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become dominant in the 21st century that it severely effects relationships with others. This can be said the same if technology were to replace teachers for education. Students always want to improve and expand their knowledge on various topics. Teachers in this case are able to help and form a relationship with the students which will enable them to bring out the best learning experience a student can receive. However, if technology were to replace teachers, then there wouldn’t be any source of relationship forming. Although students are able to teach themselves by exploring the internet, they would struggle to ask specific questions which may not be found online. Teachers can give a relationship that technology aren’t capable of simply because it is responsible for answering what student may ask. Teachers can form a relationship in many ways such as improving student attitude towards classwork, preventing behavior problems and also assisting in and outside of classroom. These factors contribute to form a healthy relationship between students and teachers, something technology can never give.

Any school in today’s world has certain grades which a student must complete in order to move on to the next one. These grades are designed for students to obtain the required knowledge needed for the next grade. However, if students use technology to teach themselves about a certain concept, they wouldn’t be able to recognize where to stop because there are many concepts which can be learnt. This may cause the student to feel overwhelmed with the loads of information that is shown on the internet. The technology students would use will result a more stress then there already is in a certain grade level. The teacher will guide a student and teach him/her the required knowledge and prepare the student for the next grade. Students that are exposed to unfamiliar information will struggle to learn and will need more assistance when using technology. On the other hand, students will feel comfortable and much more connected to the teacher with what he/she is teaching. Not only this, teachers will be able to identify where a student is struggling and eventually help the student build on strengths/weaknesses.

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Teachers educate students for their upcoming years, however, they are also very helpful when it comes to making smart lifestyle choices. Throughout the school years, students encounter many obstacles and problems which they decide to share with a teacher. A teacher has huge experience about life and wouldn’t hesitate to share with students because students are still learning and developing every day. Teachers can give many suggestions and ideas such as when they were young, in trouble, and how they overcame challenges. Robots are simply machines who give students multiple ways to solve a question. Robots aren’t designed to share life experiences because they are programmed to assist students with what is being asked of.


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