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This essay will be discussing the different roles in branding that graphic designers use. I will be mainly focusing on how graphic designers use these to help all the different companies/businesses to evolve and expand to succeed.

Firstly, we need to know what is the definition of Branding? Branding is simply enough how people view your company and how the audience connects with it through different levels and approach that the companies do. “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association). This is what American Marketing Association defines branding. A designer is not the person to create a brand nor design a brand. Designers simply design the brand identity in which reflects the brand.

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In any business to start, they will need a designer to help them grow, it is quite necessary to have one as it can draw many consumers in which can help recognise your company. If you think of an example of any brand you can already visualize the logo and the designs meaning that having one will certainly help get recognised in the public. A designer simply creates a Brand Identity for your business so the logo of the company, the design for adverts, packaging of your products, etc. If we look at a study it has said that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is mainly visual, people respond better with images and designs it helps give them a better look and interest on the topic

With the definition out of the way, we can now focus on one of the roles. Brand Identity, designing a brand identity is one crucial role that all graphic designers must understand. Before getting on with the design you will need to know everything about the company and the products they provide for the consumer. For example, knowing your audience, age, interest and even their needs. The designer must be significant and should feature all the values that your company has to offer in one or more designs into one specific product/service. This then creates a bond between the consumer in which can make them recognisable. Brand Identity is simply what sets you apart from the competition.

Designers can use strategies such as Branding strategies, this simply means a planning process that investigates the relation either from design or business that may work with one another. The goal for this is to combine the objective with different solutions that moves beyond just aesthetics. A designer will need to understand this role as if it were used in business it will entirely help figure out what they are missing in which can improve the business as a whole. A good and effective way to use this is to make it simple and understandable even if its hard. A successful design strategy is communicated in easy to comprehend terms that the intended audience will understand. If this is executed correctly it wont just show the existing problems but also meet the customer’s needs, customers behaviours, emerge different ideas and may even give your business opportunities. Overall if a designer does this right it will definitely help the business to grow and expand.

One role in branding that quite stand out is infographics. Infographics allow brands to repurpose their content and it is an easy way to please consumers in a pleasing way. Doing this will enable you to present information and knowledge clearly, having this presented in a distinctive way it will help influence many customers. Basically, infographics is a good tool in which can draw in more attention to your content and help get consumers back wanting for more.

Another important role in Branding is the Logo, Logos will be the one that will represent your company. For any brand to be effective the designer will need to attract the consumer in a way to know who you are, with an effective logo you can make it so that the audience will be able to distinguish who you are and what the business has to offer. There are many ways to create a logo in which designers can easily draw them in but with that they will also need to be versatile when creating it so that they will be able to use it again in a different use such as the advertisements, merchandise etc. One good thing to look at when creating a logo is the colour it is an important aspect when creating a design, it is because colour is the first impression when viewed. Colour is also good on how to create a good identity for the company, colours are more than just visual aid it can also transmit feelings, emotions and even experiences so when using it right the consumer will be able to get hooked into the logo in which will help succeed the business. For example, if we look at the Coca-Cola design, we firstly see the colour red giving the effect of dominance. The text font illustrates the satisfying swirl typography making it attractive and eye-catching for the human eye. There are also different ideas that can also do the same which give off similar effectiveness such as, the different styles, arrangements, and appearance. Even looking at other company brand design we see that they all differ from each-other. Having these unique designs will not just make it attractive but also help boost the recognition of the business.

Packaging is another role in branding. Packaging simply means the creation of the exterior of a product, which involves the choice of materials, colours, fonts, shape etc. this will help alert the consumer and get their attention. Designer must know how to be able to attract the customer with the right chosen design, a design that can give off what the company has to offer and even reflect to the brand itself. A great example of this is Fiji Water, Fiji Water creates an outstanding design that really does reflects the brand image. Looking at the packaging we see how its purity is reflected through the transparency of the bottle and backs it up even further with the flowers and leaves at the background.

Advertising is a marketing technique that can help promote a product or service for a company. The goal for this is simply to reach the consumer, getting them to buy the product/service or even persuade them into buying them. Advertising can also educate/give info to the consumer to be able to know who you are as a company. A designer can help manage in this role as they are the one to lure the customer with an eye-catching design, they can advertise in many things through social media, or even in physical things like a business card, bill boards, adshel etc. overall advertising can mean getting a new and wider audience for your business thus succeeding.

Social media is an important role to be taking part in as a business. It will be the guide to give information to the audience and even help get them recognised through different platforms and medias. Graphic designers play an important role in this, as social media today is a huge platform which will give businesses many opportunities as it helps get them in touch with different clients around the world. Designers can easily get consumers through advertisements, medias etc. with a design that can lure customers in it will certainly provide business a boost in reputation. Also having an interactive communication with your customers, it will let the company know their needs and get information on how they can improve the business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are one of the biggest medias, having a designer within them will help get a bigger and wider audience as it can attract them through designs.

Co-branding is strategic marketing or advertising partnership between two non-competing brands, through these partnerships, companies help one another to increase brand exposure, break into new markets, and add extra value to products/services. With all the different brands out there, we can already say that all of us individually have our own personal favourites and those favourites can and may even branch out and use partnership. A good example of this is coca-cola, we know that coca-cola is known for its beverages however with this partnership strategy they are able to use different brands like Marc Jacobs, kith etc. A designer will then need to understand both companies and consider a design that works both for them either from the layout, shape, and colour. Both companies will need to agree on a specific design so it can get published. Having a designer in this role will definitely help raise reputation in which can help a business succeed.

In conclusion, the role for a graphic designer in branding is vital. Graphic designers do not just create images and designs they are key element in marketing, without visual content you will not be able to communicate with your audience. Business owners will be able to take advantage of this as it is an effective way to engage with your customer, overall build brand awareness and even influence the customers decision making process. This role comes with a lot of different responsibility, meaning with a good designer it will undoubtedly help a business succeed. 


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