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The’s Unwritten Constitution Versus Irish Written Constitution

1. Is the Written Constitution within the Irish legal system becoming closer to taking its last breath? Although the Written Constitution within the Irish legal system has traditionally in the past served the Irish people a satisfactory standard of living and democracy. It is true that the written Constitution within the Irish system is a...
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Uk Constitutional Law (LAW1091)

For a majority of states in the world, a codified constitution lays down the rules that allocate and control governmental power (these shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Rules”) in a single document. The same cannot be said for the United Kingdom (UK), where such Rules are diverse in nature, sometimes uncertain in content...
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: Unwritten Codification, Monarchical And Religion

In this Essay I will be discussing whether or not the UK Constitution is fit for purpose, in relation to the three themes specifically stated: “Unwritten Codification, Monarchical and Religion. After exploring the given themes, I will be giving my opinion on whether an Amendment of the UKs Constitution is required, to be fit for...
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Specificity Of The Constitution

The UK constitution is special in the way that conventions help tie together the many documents that comprise it. However, because conventions are not legally binding, they occasionally create difficult situations to deal with. Constitutional conventions are not legally binding, and therefore there is not really any reason to follow them besides tradition. To some...
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The Reliance Of The Constitution On Conventions: A Defining Feature Or A Fundamental Weakness

The reliance of the UK constitution on conventions is both a defining feature, and a fundamental weakness. While they are supposedly binding, conventions cannot effectively proscribe “unconstitutional” behaviour and their content and enforcement is often at the mercy of executive whim.’ The UK constitution is special in the way that conventions help tie together the...
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Parliamentary Sovereignty And Constitution

I started the research process for the presentation by identifying the relevant keywords stated in the question, which would later help me to identify appropriate resources. The two keywords identified were “parliamentary sovereignty” and “UK constitution”. After identifying those keywords I set out to find and read through the relevant chapters in two constitutional law...
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The Flexibility Of Constitution

The UK constitution, unlike the more common codified constitution, … retains sufficient flexibility,’ however ‘this ability to change carries with it a danger.’ Here, Wicks outlines the debate regarding the flexibility possessed by the UK’s constitution, which is said to be both a ‘boon and a bane.’ A flexible constitution is characterized by an ability...
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Unwritten Constitution As An Assemblage Of Different Sources Of Law

To begin it is important to identify that the UK has an ‘unwritten constitution’, this is outlined by Mark Ryan in “Unlocking Constitutional and Administrative Law” [2]. Within the book, Ryan mentions that while a singular document titled “The United Kingdom Constitution” does not exist, much of it is still written down in different sources....
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