Essays on Americanism

Isolationism In The United States

The character of the United States of America was fundamentally altered by happenings prior to the World War 1. Washington, the then USA president, in his farewell address opinionated that the political connections to foreign nations should be minimised with more emphasis laid on commercial relations. The main reason for adopting the stance was to...
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Americanism And The Main Problems

To answer this question it must first be established what it is that makes something or someone distinctly American. To summarize America or American identity would be an extremely difficult task. When one thinks of America certain elements are conjured up: hope, freedom, equality and democracy. Such qualities are concerned with the idealistic version of...
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American Identity

The colonies have withstood many continuities and changes throughout their development which allowed them to develop a sense of their identity as a newly independent nation by the eve of the revolution. The colonies have undergone many different conflicts which have all led to where they are today. Many different changes such as results from...
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War On Terror: A Campaign To Counter Anti-Americanism

The war on terror is an international military campaign launched by the US govt after the 9/11 attacks. The main targets were Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen by the military. The intelligence department involved institutional reorganization and increased funding. The diplomatic department continued efforts to maintain a coalition of partner states and a campaign to counter...
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Americanism And Civil Rights Act Of 1871 Or Ku Klux Act

One could think that the Ku Klux Act did not generally define ‘Americanism’ as a whole. However, it is quite evident that this act, unfortunately, did represent a bigger part of Americanism, which has, from the earlier four hundred years been responsible for the oppression of the non-white people, and also keeps these individuals in...
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Islam Versus United States: Anti-Americanism

The United States’ engagement with Islam is rather different from that of Europe, more specifically that of Britain and France. Unlike the United States, Britain and France actually had colonized parts of the East / the Islamic world. The U.S. however had more of a broken relationship with the East rather than direct contact. Since...
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