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The director is called Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson is a person born in Peekskill, New York.

Mel Gibson is a person that a lot of people appreciates when it comes to movies, according to a lot of people he does an absolutely phenomenal work.

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He made his mark as a chief with Braveheart. So he is for sure known for being the director of Braveheart. Braveheart is a movie that is 3 hours long. Which shows us the life of times of the medieval Scottish loyalist William Wallace, and to a lesser degree, Robert The Bruce which battle is to bind together his country against its English oppressors.

The story starts with William Wallace, who is fighting for his freedom and that due to that he has lost his father and sibling due to being murdered for battling the English.

Now he’s being taken into the authority of his uncle. He returns back several years later approximately 20 years, he had then returned back because of an mystery. His adoration had after that got murdered by the English Warriors the day after their mystery.

There is definitely one good scene: In my opinion, out of the 1 hours saw it was when I heard “They fought like warrior poets.. they fought like Scotsmen”. And after that how everyone stand stills for approximately 1-2 minutes. That until Mel Gibson throws his sword into the air. and it goes straight down to the grass, and they start fighting.

There is a scene that although, might be short but has something somewhat that is special. The reason why it’s special is because it’s the only scene that has some humour in it. The Scotsmen stands there but then in the scene, music comes in with the traditional folk music and they pull down their pants. It might be immature and somewhat childish, but I am sure younger people will think it’s funny.

The movie is filmed in a dusty grey Scotland. A bit off topic, but Scotland is the country with the most mountains in the United Kingdom.

That’s why it’s important to know about the environment and where the movie is based in. That because it might confuse people thinking it’s the located somewhere like Iceland. The movie has music that makes it way more dramatic than it already is. But the choice of the music was good, because sometimes it was funny due to the Scottish traditional folk music.

The movie has its up and downs. However, there are some positive things and some negative things. I believe one of the positive things is the one whos behind the music which is James Horner, which rises up to a level of greatness.

Also the phenomenal cinematography by John Toll. I loved seeing the low angle sky shots.

However one negative thing is how I felt like the movie was a little repetitive because it used the same type of thinking and concept for once scene, as a few other ones further into the movie. That can make it a bit too predictable and boring. The sound effects very good, and effort into the sound effects had clearly been seen. Very good actors in the movie too, definitely suited the movie. But also another negative thing was there wasn’t too many dramatic scenes. I think that Braveheart is an alright movie. And its recommended to the type of people who doesn’t have any problem with seeing the same scenes twice. But also there can be scenes where they are immature, which would most likely make most of the kids watching laugh.

In my opinion, the movie is fine to see if your at least 12. But if you are the type of person to like war themed movies, where freedom is what the main actor wants to accomplish then for sure. In that case it’s a good movie, since it’s the first one with good sound effects and an okay story behind it.

In the end a 6,3/10 is what I rate it.


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