Essays on William Hazlitt

The Main Focus Of The Play Is Hamlet’s Obsession With His Mother: Ideas Of Sigmund Freud And William Hazlitt

Sigmund Freud’s coinage of the Oedipus complex is a theory many critics tend to address when writing about Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Rather than centre their attention on the Aristotelian tragic elements of the play or the mistreatments and problematic relationship with Ophelia, critics seem far more enchanted by the sickening psychoanalytic approach and concern themselves with...
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William Hazlitt's Ideas Concerning Shakespeare’s King Henry Iv

I present to you today how Shakespeare’s Henry IV has continually remained relevant through Falstaff’s character, who embodies imperfection, and thus humanity. Let’s begin by jumping to Act 2 Scene 4 of the play. In this scene we’re presented with Falstaff who roleplays as the Prince, and Hal as King Henry. The two delve into...
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William Hazlitt On Romantic Poetic Ideology

The early 19th Century was described by Joshua David Gonsalves as a period defined by ‘manliness in crisis’ within which, expectations of how men should act were continually changing (Gonsalves 2015: 2). The poetic voices who took centerstage during the Romantic era were that of the ‘Big Six’ – Wordsworth, Coleridge, Blake, Byron, Shelley, and...
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